10 things we can directly print on

10 things we can directly print on Banner

Blazer Exhibits & Events AGFA direct to surface printer

Did you ever wish you could have a logo or graphic image directly printed on an unusual material without lamination or adhesives?  Well your dreams have just come true!  The ability to print directly on a variety of substrates is a liberating experience and we have some pretty cool examples of how a little bit of imagination can make a really spectacular graphic.

We are still finding bizarre things to put graphics on:

  1. Stone
  2. Wood – finished and natural
  3. Metal – brushed and solid
  4. Papers
  5. Film – both blockout and backlit
  6. Sintra
  7. Gator Board
  8. Plexiglas – frosted and clear
  9. Canvas
  10. Plastics

the list is growing daily.

This capability will really make your custom graphics a centerpiece of many conversations, and will add another dynamic element to your event or exhibit.

Blazers Agfa Printer

The Agfa Anapurna can handle rigid media up to sixty inches wide,  and over ten feet long. Roll based media can go even longer. The ink is UV cured and is one of the more UV resistant printing methods currently in use.  These durable prints can handle extended time in direct sunlight.   Maybe you have a special request for your next booth graphics!

Wood, Metal, Glass, plastic, fabric,  doors, cabinet tops, desks, wall paper…its all a opportunity to brand!  Stop by our office and take a look for yourself it is truly amazing what you can print on.

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