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Are you considering exhibiting at a trade show to attract new customers, generate new sales leads and grow your business?

Our 10×20 trade show exhibits are the ideal option for showcasing your business at any trade show or industry event. Offering plenty of floor space, our high-quality exhibits let you show off your latest products, interact with show attendees and generate real results for your business.

A great 10×20 trade show booth is more than just an exhibit — it’s your business’s opportunity to show what it’s about, connect with new customers and generate a lasting, measurable return on your investment.

We offer a complete 10×20 trade show exhibit service, from booth design to manufacturing and on-the-day assistance to help you get the most from your trade show. We also offer a variety of other booth types and dimensions to suit your needs.

To learn more about our custom 10×20 exhibits, please contact our expert trade show team on +1-408-560-4113. You can also read on to learn more about our range of exhibits, trade show services and the benefits of using a 10×20 exhibit to promote your business.

What is a 10×20 exhibit?

A 10×20 exhibit is a type of trade show booth that measures 20 feet in length while offering 10 feet of forwarding floor space. Most 10×20 exhibits have a large display that covers most or all of the 20-foot rear side of the booth, with 10 feet of open space for attendees and your team.

Compared to smaller booths, 10×20 exhibits provide a larger amount of space for your sales or product team to interact with attendees and prospects. They’re also larger and wider than many other trade show booth designs, allowing you to attract more attention in any event setting.

Because 10×20 refers to the floor dimensions of the exhibit, 10×20 exhibits can take a variety of different forms. Some 10x exhibits have a single rear display with tables and seating in front for attendees, while others incorporate desks, product demo areas, LCD displays and more.

All of our 10×20 trade show exhibits are customizable, meaning you can modify them to fit your specific needs and generate the best possible results from any trade show or industry event.

Why choose a 10×20 exhibit?

Compared to other trade show booths and exhibits, 10×20 exhibits offer a number of benefits and advantages:

They stand out. Because 10×20 exhibits are wide and cover a reasonable amount of floor space, they stand out on the exhibition floor and can attract a lot of attention with the right combination of design and marketing messages.

They provide plenty of floor space. This lets your team roam around your exhibit to interact with passersby and attendees that stop to look at your products and signage, making it easier to turn quick conversations into real prospects.

They’re easy to customize. Because most 10×20 exhibits are built around one large banner, it’s easy to customize the exhibit using your own custom display. You can also customize your exhibit with smaller pop-up displays, tables, and other signage.


They’re cost-effective. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show for the first time and want an exhibit that will attract attention and deliver results without costing a fortune, a 10×20 unit is an excellent choice.

They’re convenient. Compared to many other trade show exhibits, 10×20 exhibits are relatively mobile and easy to assemble, with lightweight frame materials that are built to snap together for fast assembly.

They’re standard. 10×20 trade show exhibits are viewed as the industry standard. This makes it easy to rent floor space for your 10×20 exhibit at any event, from a local trade show to a large industry convention.

Our custom 10×20 trade show booths

Our custom 10×20 trade show booths are the ideal option for your business if you want to stand out at your next trade show and maximize your ROI.

We can design and build your custom 10×20 trade show booth at a competitive cost with the highest quality materials, letting you get the most from your next trade show.

Do you have a specific idea for your trade show booth? Do you need help with the entire design process, from color selection to graphics, text content and more? No matter how new you are to trade show marketing, we’re here to help you with every step of the process.

For more information about our 10×20 custom trade show booths or to get started on your trade show exhibit project, please contact our expert team now on +1-408-560-4113.

Our 10×20 booth design services

Need help designing your trade show booth? No problem. We specialize in trade show exhibit design and can create an eye-catching, highly effective trade show booth for your brand from the ground up to help you achieve your marketing goals.

We offer a complete range of exhibit design services, from small booths to exhibits for special events and museums. Our 10×20 booths are particularly good for custom designs, as they offer the right amount of visual space to showcase your brand identity and message.

Working with our design team is simple. From the beginning of the process, we’ll ask you about your brand, marketing message and the specific objectives you’d like to achieve with your trade show booth.

From here, our team can take you through every phase of the graphic design and trade show exhibit production process, from our initial designs and prototypes to the construction of your customized 10×20 exhibit.

During the process, you can customize your exhibit with a wide range of options, from specific materials to detachable panels for customizing your displays, custom furniture for your booth, high-tech design features and more.

Once you’re satisfied with the design of your custom 10×20 booth, we can print your signage onto a wide range of high-quality materials and create a completely customized exhibit that’s ready for any event.

Interested in getting started? Want to brainstorm booth design ideas with our experienced trade show exhibit design experts? Contact our expert team on +1-408-560-4113 to learn more about our exhibit design and custom trade show booth services.

Getting the most from your 10×20 exhibit

Our goal isn’t just to help you design the ultimate 10×20 exhibit for one trade show. Instead, we want to help your business create a highly effective trade show exhibit that you can use again at future trade shows, events, and conventions.

To do this, we offer a wide range of extra services for trade show exhibitors. Our expert trade show team can:

Set up and install your booth on event day to save you time and help you make sure you’re 100% ready for any event before it begins.

Manage your company’s presence at events by planning ahead of time, syncing your staff and ensuring your participation in trade shows and other events is a success.

Store your 10×20 exhibit between events at our secure storage facility, helping you to take part in multiple trade shows throughout the year without having to worry about how and where to store your exhibit and other equipment.

Provide freight and shipping services to transport your exhibit and other event items to any location, ensuring your display reaches its destination on time and in event-ready condition.

We can also offer our expert advice and recommendations throughout the design and exhibit preparation process to ensure you get the best results and highest return on investment from your trade show presence.

Trusted by thousands of small and large businesses

Since 1983, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses throughout California to prepare highly effective, eye-catching trade show exhibits. Our team has more than three decades of hands-on experience in the trade show industry — the experience that translates into results for your business.

From our 23,000 square foot design and manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, our team has helped thousands of businesses successfully prepare for and take part in trade shows in a wide range of different industries.

Whether you need a small exhibit or a large-scale, customized trade show booth, we’re always here to help make sure your next trade show experience is a successful, profitable one.

Contact Us

Are you preparing for your first trade show and need a trusted, experienced partner to prepare your exhibit? Are you returning to a trade show and really want to make a splash? Our team is always here to help, whether you’re part of a small, growing business or a large company.

We offer a complete range of 10×20 trade show booth services and can help you develop the perfect booth for your needs. We also offer an extensive range of other exhibits, from 20×20 booths to portable/modular exhibits designed specifically for small businesses.

Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide the expert advice you need to achieve your goals at your next trade show.

For more information about our entire product range and trade show services, please contact us today on +1-408-560-4113. You can also contact us online via email using our contact page.