12 Ways to Strip Employees of Motivation

12 Ways to Strip Employees of Motivation Banner

The goal of any business should be to motivate employees, but there are some glaringly obvious things those managers and company owners do to demotivate employees – and most of the time, those things aren’t even realized. Are you motivating your workforce, or are you unintentionally giving them reasons to simply show up and get the paycheck? Watch out for the following things when it comes to company morale.

1. Start cracking down on small freedoms. Consider basing employee worth on how much a person gets done in a day, and not whether they visit certain sites or use Skype regularly. It makes sense that you don’t want your employees spending company time doing other things, but putting up huge site blocking signs, issuing warnings based on in-company texting, and cracking down on Skype usage are all really good ways to make people feel boxed in.

2. Take credit for something that wasn’t your idea. This one applies mostly to managers – if an employee comes up with a new idea, make sure to give credit where it’s due. You’ll still look like a champ in front of your boss by coaching that employee, cultivating an idea, or simply by supporting someone that you are managing – there’s no need to snag the idea completely.

3. Let your anger loose. Everyone gets angry, it’s part of being human, but anyone in a managerial or other commanding role should learn to keep those emotions under wraps. If you have a hard time controlling your anger, learn to breathe, calm down, and deal with whatever it is that makes you upset – lashing out at employees isn’t the way to go.

4. Believe in the old adage that praise isn’t necessary. It doesn’t hurt to hand out the praise once in a while.

5. Talk bad about past employees. It’s not good business to speak badly of a competitor, or to talk negatively about someone that used to work for you. Why? It just makes you sound bitter and angry – two things that have no place in a nurturing and motivating workspace.

6. Make notes of all the little things. Have you ever worked with someone that likes to jot down notes about all of the mistakes other people make? Nobody wants to be watched constantly! Taking behavior notes around the clock makes for resentful employees.

Bringing Up the Motivation Level

The best companies have employees that are really into company culture. How can you make sure that motivation levels stay on the high end?

1. Hire according to company culture. Write down what your company is about, what you stand for, and what you want in all employees, and don’t hire anyone that doesn’t gel with your culture.

2. Make sure that your managers play by the rules, don’t abuse power, and have those qualities that make a good person, well, a good person.

3. Provide incentives. Forget team-building and Christmas parties – your employees want a boost in payment above all else. If that’s not always possible, look for other ways to reward good work.

4. Cut the slack. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to getting rid of someone that is bringing the whole office mood down.

5. Make sure that everyone has a clear mandate. Every single person in your company should have an indispensable skill, and everyone should have a different skill.

6. Get everyone involved in all projects. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming show and need some input on trade show exhibits or making a marketing plan, let people offer up ideas – you never know what someone may come up with.

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