Glimpse of 2017 FHCA LTC Trade Show Booth Designs in Orlando, FL

Glimpse of 2017 FHCA LTC Trade Show Booth Designs in Orlando, FL Banner

Caring for people with people with a chronic illness or disability for over a long period of time is solutioned by long-term care (LTC). It is a variety of services, which help meet the medical and non-medical needs offered by different medical organizations such as the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA).

On July 31 – August 4, FHCA will hold the 2017 Florida Health Care Association annual convention in Orlando, FL. It will feature more than 285 trade show booth designs in Orlando, FL showcasing different LTC products and services. Trade show booth rentals offered by expert companies, like Blazer Exhibits, will be present during the convention.
FHCA’s goal is to help LTC practioners enhance their professional career and strive excellence in long-term care. The events, networking opportunities, and seminars will help attendees re-energize their commitments to quality care, learn about the latest trends, and unwind after a full day of learning.

Highlights of the 2017 Florida Health Care Association Annual Convention

Opening Social. This will kick off the conference with a complimentary beverage and light hor d’oeuvres. The party will allow you to meet new friends and catch with the old ones. It is scheduled on the first night of the convention, Monday, between 6 to 8 PM.

Golf Tournament. Medline Industries will sponsor this year’s FHCA golf tournament on August 1, 2017. Be ready with your winning shot to take home exciting prizes, including a Jeep Wrangler.

280+ Trade Show Booths. Every exhibit companies and attendees will agree that trade show booth designs in Orlando, FL are some of the best out there. They include company-owned and trade show booth rentals offered by different companies. Be sure to visit as much as you can, these booths will offer different products and services during the convention. You will surely learn a lot from different companies or organizations joining the convention. It will range from simple information on LTC practices up to highly advanced technology or products being used by successful long-term care facilities. You have two days; Tuesday and Wednesday, to enjoy and take advantage of what different companies have to offer in their trade show displays.

Awards. Exemplary contributions of groups and individuals will be highlighted and recognized for two nights. This will also allow other members to be motivated in pushing for excellence in the LTC industry. The Quality Award Ceremony will be held on Wednesday while the Circle of Excellence Award will be on the last day of the convention.

Fun Night. Costume contests showcasing your school spirit, wide selection of Southern food and a live band will surely make the last night of the convention an affair to remember. Live auctions and even fun night for kids will also be part of the convention.

These are just some of the fun things that will happen during the 2017 FHCA Convention. It is never too late to join and let Blazer Exhibits make it easier for you to be an exhibitor. They are the experts specializing in the design and fabrication of custom trade show booths, portable exhibits, and trade show displays for clients from a wide variety of industries.

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