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Do you want to make a statement at your next trade show? Our 20×20 exhibits are perfect for businesses that want to stand out with an engaging, eye-catching presence at trade shows and other industry events.

Designed for a commanding presence, our 20×20 exhibits offer the authoritative look of a large exhibit with more than enough floor space for your team to interact with attendees and convert visitors into prospects and customers.

With the right 20×20 exhibit, your business can successfully stand out from the crowd and turn your next trade show into a great marketing opportunity.

We offer a wide range of 20×20 exhibits for businesses of all sizes, from fast-growing startups to established companies. We also offer a complete custom design service to help you create the perfect booth for your business, from branding and graphics to booth size and layout.

To learn more about our 20×20 trade show exhibits, please contact our experienced team now on +1-408-560-4113. We work with businesses of all sizes and can help you with every aspect of the trade show process, from exhibit design to on-the-day services.

What is a 20×20 exhibit?

A 20×20 trade show exhibit is an exhibit that measures 20 feet by 20 feet, with a large square footprint that gives your business plenty of space in which to operate at a trade show or other type of event.

Compared to smaller pop-up displays and 10×20 exhibits, a 20×20 trade show booth gives you more space in which to showcase your latest products and services, attract attention and meet new prospects and customers.

20×20 exhibits are some of the largest standard-sized trade show displays, making them ideal if you want your business to stand out from the competition in a crowded trade show environment.

Like other trade show exhibits, 20×20 exhibits can take a variety of forms. Some exhibits feature truss kits and large-scale signage, while other exhibits feature hybrid displays to make an even more efficient use of available space.

We offer a diverse range of 20×20 exhibits, meaning we likely have a booth type to match your specific needs and marketing objectives. All of our exhibits are customizable, meaning you can adapt our range of exhibit designs and layouts to create a perfect match for your company.

Why choose a 20×20 exhibit?

20×20 exhibit booths offer a number of benefits over other exhibit types, ranging from size and visibility to convenience. These benefits include:

  • They command attention. Compared to 10×20 exhibits, which stand out but don’t quite have the same presence as a 20×20 exhibit booth, larger exhibits are more likely to put your business ahead of the competition as an established, eye-catching brand.
  • They offer even more floor space. While pop-up displays and 10×20 exhibits offer a reasonable amount of space for your sales team and show attendees, 20×20 exhibits provide twice as much space, giving you more freedom and flexibility.
  • They’re 100% customizable. All of our 20×20 exhibits are fully customizable, letting you display your own custom graphics and add features such as product demo areas, tables and sofas, touchscreen kiosks and other equipment to your exhibit space.
  • They’re cost-effective. Many 20×20 exhibits use standardized displays and equipment, allowing you to create your own customized exhibit without the cost of building it all from the ground up.
  • They’re convenient. Our 20×20 exhibits are designed to be easy to store, transport and assemble, letting you quickly and efficiently get set up before any trade show, convention or other events.

Our custom 20×20 trade show booths

Our custom 20×20 trade show booths are perfect for making a big impression at any trade show or industry event, especially for businesses focused on growth.

We offer a complete range of customized 20×20 exhibits and can tailor your booth to your exact specifications, from displays to exhibit layout.

From design to materials, we offer a complete service from the first steps of booth design to the event itself. Whether you need help with graphics and messaging or already have a trade show booth design in mind, our experienced team is here to help.

For more information about our 20×20 exhibits and other custom trade show booths, please call us now on +1-408-560-4113 to speak to our expert team.

Our 20×20 booth design services

We offer a full range of booth design services, from creating an initial mock-up for your 20×20 booth to selecting materials and signage options based on your unique needs.

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve success at your trade show. From displays to layouts, our experienced design team will work with you throughout the booth design process to tailor your booth to your exact specifications and requirements.

All of our 20×20 trade show exhibits are fully customizable, meaning you’re in control of how your booth looks from the beginning of the design process.

Our exhibit design and creation process are simple. The process begins by working with you to determine your needs in a trade show booth, from branding and marketing messaging to color, materials and more.

Throughout the process, we can prepare visual examples of your booth to give you a complete idea of how it will look before it’s constructed. From signage to custom displays, you have total control over the final look and feel of your exhibit.

This extends beyond your booth’s basic design to include features such as exhibit layout, tables and other booth furniture, product demo areas and more. You’re free to customize your booth as required — our experienced team is here to turn your trade show vision into reality.

Once we’ve prepared the design of your trade show booth, you can choose from a wide variety of high quality, reusable materials. Many of our booths use modular designs for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing you to easily store and reuse them for future events.

Ready to get started? From discussing design concepts and signage ideas to preparing a visual prototype of your booth, we’re always here to help. Call our expert team on +1-408-560-4113 to learn more about our 20×20 booth design services and get started.

Getting the most from your 20×20 exhibit

In addition to trade show exhibit design, we offer a complete range of services for your business throughout the exhibition process. From setup and installation to exhibit storage, we can assist with every aspect of your trade show marketing efforts.

Our services are available based on your specific requirements, and include:

  • Booth set up, assembly and installation for your event, saving your team from having to assemble your exhibit and giving you extra time to prepare for the event.
  • Trade show presence management to help your business discover and plan for new events ahead of time and participate in a diverse range of high-ROI trade shows.
  • Exhibit storage and maintenance to keep your 20×20 or other dimension exhibits in optimal condition and help you exhibit at multiple trade shows over the course of the year.
  • Exhibit freight and shipping services for events in all locations, allowing you to take part in trade shows and other events in other cities, states, and regions without the usual logistical hurdles.

We also offer a wide range of additional trade show services, from design to event consulting and more. Our goal is always to help you achieve your marketing objectives from every trade show, whether your business is small and growing or large and established.

Trusted by thousands of small and large businesses

Founded in 1983, we’ve helped thousands of California businesses generate the highest ROI from their trade show marketing efforts. Our experienced team has worked with businesses of all sizes in all industries, from Mom n’ Pop companies to well-known brands.

All of our exhibits are designed, prepared and manufactured in our Fremont, California facility, with more than 23,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space. Whether you’re in the process of preparing for your first show or your latest event, we’re always available to help.

Contact Us

Are you comparing exhibit types for an upcoming trade show and need help choosing the right option for your business? Are you preparing for your first trade show and need an experienced trade show exhibit company to help you make the right decisions?

No matter how large or small your business might be, we’re here to help ensure your next trade show, convention or other industry event is a success.

We offer a large range of custom 20×20 exhibits for businesses of all types and sizes. From the design of your booth to its layout and contents, we can customize every aspect of your exhibit to suit your unique needs and marketing objectives.

We’re also always available for quick questions and assistance, from offering advice to helping you make sure you’re 100% prepared for your event.

For more information about our entire product range and trade show services, please contact us today on +1-408-560-4113. You can also contact us online via email using our contact page.