4 Great Out-of-State Trade Show Locations for California Businesses

4 Great Out-of-State Trade Show Locations for California Businesses Banner

Feel like traveling out of state? California is home to several of the world’s largest trade shows and industry events. However, it’s certainly not the only state in the country that hosts a variety of events for expanding and improving your business.

From nearby cities like Las Vegas to further afield destinations like Orlando, many of the world’s top trade shows and conventions take place in cities outside California.

As a California-based business, being able to travel to these events can be a useful way to find new opportunities, meet new people and generate new leads to fuel your business’s growth and expansion.

Below, we’ve listed four of the best out-of-stage trade show locations for California businesses to consider. If you’re looking to expand your trade show marketing activity, all four of the cities listed below are worth adding to your “to consider” list.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is, without a doubt, the best city in the United States for trade shows and industry events. In fact, Las Vegas is widely regarded as the world’s best destination for conventions, trade shows, conferences and other growth-focused opportunities for your business.

From consumer electronics to marketing, real estate, finance and a wide range of additional industries, Las Vegas hosts hundreds of trade shows throughout the year aimed at just about every industry you can think of.

Some of the key advantages of exhibiting at Las Vegas trade shows include the city’s relatively close proximity to Southern California, making it possible to travel by car. While it’s further from Northern California than Los Angeles or San Diego, driving from NorCal is also possible.

Add a huge range of affordable hotels, outstanding dining and great entertainment options into the mix and it’s easy to understand why Las Vegas is such a popular trade show destination, as well as an ideal out-of-state trade show option for California businesses.

New York City

As the country’s center of finance and a major hub for numerous other industries, New York City hosts its fair share of trade shows, conventions, and other events.

Over the last decade, New York City has become a particularly important location for technology businesses, making it worth adding to your “to exhibit” list if your business produces software or hardware.

Involved in anything financial? From banking to payment processing, New York City is also one of the world’s largest hubs for consumer finance, investment banking and a massive range of other financial services businesses.

The downsides? First, it’s a long flight for California businesses, and accommodation is certainly less affordable than Las Vegas. However, New York City’s huge range of prospects, investment opportunities, and interesting leads make it a must-have for your trade show location list.


From sports, consumer electronics and science to construction, travel and more, Orlando has developed into one of the country’s most important trade show and convention destinations for an incredible range of industries.

Like New York City, Orlando is a long distance from California. However, a large business and consumer presence and a central location within one of the country’s most populated states all make it a good destination for your trade show “to visit” list.

Add a great range of dining and entertainment options, a diverse business scene and a warm, pleasant climate into the equation and Orlando isn’t just a great place for growing a business, but also an exciting place to visit with your sales and product team.


Finally, Denver is one of the most important trade show destinations in the Midwest, hosting a variety of events for an equally diverse range of industries.

Over the last two decades, Denver has emerged as one of the country’s most important cities for green technology. From solar and wind energy to electric vehicles, a variety of green tech trade shows take place in Denver throughout the year.

Most major events in Denver are held at the Colorado Convention Center, which is conveniently located in Downtown Denver. With frequent flights from all of California’s major cities, Denver is a convenient trade show destination for San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bay Area businesses.

Maximize your trade show presence this year

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