5 Common Problems With Trade Show Exhibits, And How You Can Avoid Them

5 Common Problems With Trade Show Exhibits, And How You Can Avoid Them Banner

Even the most experienced trade show exhibitors will tell you that there is always something that can go wrong. However, the biggest challenge is that we don’t notice these problems and sometimes even consider them normal. Even with plenty of time planning and organizing problems seem always to find a way and being miles away from your headquarters with a fixed budget you just must find a way to make things work out.

So, what can really go wrong?

  • Going too Small

As a startup exhibitor, you may be limited financially and might end up having a smaller exhibit. Larger exhibits are likely to get more traffic and are in the main isles and placed closer to the entrances. It is recommended that you at least try to match the area covered by your major competitors. You can also try a custom trade show exhibit by determining what you intend to accomplish and design a booth that will help you achieve those goals.

  • Your Custom Booth is Aging

It’s been years now, and you are on your 100th exhibit already. Time sure flies right. But one thing has always been the same on all those trips around the world, your custom trade show exhibit. The needs keep changing but the booth is still the same one from 1995, your company can’t manage to keep on buying the exhibit every time you go for a tradeshow. So, what do you do? Trade show rentals are the answer for you. With trade show rentals you are free to make temporary updates without extra cost and best of all is that it takes less time and money if you want something completely different.

  • No Regular Booth Preparation

As is the case with all exhibitors, we tend to clean up well on our first day when setting up the booths. But what happens after one or two days? It’s a common scenario where you find many exhibits looking murky compared to when the exhibition started. It’s the little things that matter though. Every day is a new day in the exhibit world, and the guests should find it cleaner than it was yesterday. Assigning the cleaning duties to specific individuals and using a checklist to check the progress should just about do it.

  • Not Promoting your Booth Efficiently

76% of guests know exactly which booth they want to visit prior to the exhibition day. This makes pre-show marketing an important factor to consider if you are to achieve the set targets and attract more traffic. The only way to do this is by: Using social media as a marketing tool, writing blogs to show your expertise in your area of business and print ads in the local newspaper.

  • Not Getting Noticed

Trade shows can be some of the crowded places to be. With so many booths similar in design and size it might prove difficult to stand out in a crowd of so many exhibitors. Custom trade show exhibits might offer an opportunity for highly-creative product displays and exhibits, but that might not be enough. So, to stand out in the crowd, you need to invest in the best trade show displays and a team of skilled booth designers to ensure your tradeshow is unique to help you stand out in this and the coming trade shows.

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