5 Exciting Exhibit Ideas for the RSA Conference

5 Exciting Exhibit Ideas for the RSA Conference Banner

You need to stand out from the crowd

When you are at the Moscone Center for the RSA Trade Conference you do not want to be lost in the crowd of exhibiting competitors. You need to stand out and make sure that your product or services you promote and your business get the attention they deserve to your target audience.

Having the right display can add a lot of punch to your presentation. Plus, it will build your professional reputation and make you look that you truly know what you are doing.

This year’s RSA Conference had 42,000 attendees. Getting the attention of just a portion of the crowd means potential business to your company.

2 reasons to build your own custom trade show displays

Having your professionally built displays are worth the investment. Here is why:

  1.    You contribute to your business reputation. You look like you know what you are doing, and you make a great impression to your prospective clients.
  2.    You get the return of your investment. The amount of business your custom trade show displays brings in is worth the investment.

5 designs to think about

#1. Use 10 ft. by 20-foot display

With a 10 ft. by 20-foot display, you can make your point and reach the attention and the heart of your potential clients at the same time. You can show that you care about your customers and your product by creating the perfect display.

Businessmen like to work with those companies that care about their work, serious about their business and know what they are doing. They do not want to waste time or linger in an exhiit booth that do not invest much thought on how to capture the attention of ther audience.

#2. Eye-to-eye level of your display

You can keep the professional tone of your display by looking at prospective customers right in the eye. Set up your display to have a sincere, honest, eye-to-eye business conversations with those who stop by.

There is plenty of room to display brochures, and the HDTV ensures that your creativity is on full display. If you think you do not have space, a custom-built trade show display is flexible. You can have the 10 ft. by 20-foot display but you can trim it down to a 10 by 10-foot size in no time.

#3. Simplicity works wonder

There are many people who like simplicity. They do not like to waste time on complex demonstrations or displays. You can keep it as simple with a 10 by 10-foot custom trade show booth design.

You can also highlight what you need your visitors to see with the handy LED light box. Use two display stands that allow versatility to place your information where you need it and where it is the most accessible to your audience.

With a prominent desk, you give that space for business transaction or exchange of business contacts.

#4. Complementary Colors

Using the right color can make an important impact on potential clients. Clashing colors are not the way to go even if cultural changes say otherwise. You want your display to work not compete with itself.

Add a little class to your display with a little overhead ceiling, and deep, rich complementary colors. A light box or two brings out the special highlights you want your display to use to attract attention. An HDTV will provide the avenue to get your message to the attendees of the conference.

#5. Add subtlety in your display

Be subtle in your display and still get your message across to potential customers or clients. You can use 10 by 20 feet display in size, but with colors that are not overpowering anyone. It should attract their eyes and make them want to visit your booth.

Use LED Lit light boxes and accent your booth with a canopy frame.

Some Final Words

Making the right impression on potential clients depends on the type of custom trade show display you put in your space. Your display can say a lot about you, your business, your work ethics, your professionalism.

You want to get the right display that communicates your product or service or your business itself in the right way.  The 5 display ideas can be a part of the communication. Picking the right display can determine if your presence at the RSA Conference is a success or not.

By choosing to work with Blazer Exhibits, we can provide you options to make your exhibit booths stand out. We can suggest exhibit ideas that will excite your audience and made an impression.

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