5 San Diego Trade Shows and Industry Events to Keep On Your Calendar

5 San Diego Trade Shows and Industry Events to Keep On Your Calendar Banner

As one of California’s largest and most economically important cities, San Diego hosts a wide variety of exciting trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions.

From technology to green energy, several important industries are well represented in events that take place in San Diego throughout the year. San Diego also attracts a lot of smaller trade shows and conventions, from collectibles conventions to job fairs, B2B conferences and more.

Are you a San Diego-based business interested in acquiring new customers, expanding your contact book and closing new deals? Exhibiting at a trade show in San Diego can be a great way to enhance your brand and increase your business’s bottom line.

Below, we’ve listed five of the biggest San Diego tradeshow displays for your business to keep an eye on, ranging from massive consumer events to exclusive B2B trade shows.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Better known simply as Comic-Con, the https://www.comic-con.org/ San Diego Comic-Con International is by far the biggest convention in San Diego. Held annually, the event attracts more than 150,000 people interested in learning about the latest movies, games, and comics.

Despite its name, Comic-Con is about much more than just comic books. Today, the convention attracts a diverse range of exhibitors in the visual art, gaming, television movie, music and other content-focused industries.

From film trailer premieres to panels, art contests, cosplay and more, Comic-Con is arguably the most exciting trade show in San Diego. It’s also a great platform for interacting with the public if you run a consumer-focused business in the entertainment or publishing industry.


The http://www.ipcapexexpo.org/html/default.htm IPC APEX EXPO is one of the biggest trade shows in the electronics industry. Aimed at a diverse range of businesses in the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry, the event attracts a huge variety of B2B and B2C electronics companies to San Diego.

Exhibitors at previous IPC APEX EXPO events include imaging companies such as Zeiss and Canon, electronics manufacturers such as Hitachi and Omron, as well as a wide range of other companies in the consumer and B2B electronics fields.

The IPC APEX EXPO is also a major point of interaction for Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean electronics manufacturing companies, making it a worthwhile trade show if you’re involved in the outsourced manufacturing of chipsets and other electronics components.

OFC Conference

The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference, or OFC, is the biggest trade show in the optical communications and networking industries.

Every year, the conference attracts a huge range of businesses involved in communications, networking, and hardware, ranging from manufacturers of infrastructure equipment to digital communications firms.

With more than 700 exhibiting companies and numerous panels covering a diverse range of topics, the OFC Conference definitely belongs on your “must attend” list if you’re part of a San Diego or Southern California business involved in the communications industry.

San Diego Health & Fitness Expo

San Diego’s warm climate and high quality of life has made it one of the country’s capitals of health and fitness — a reality that extends to the city’s businesses. From sports supplements and accessories to yoga and more, San Diego is a key city for the health and fitness industry.

The http://www.runrocknroll.com/san-diego/the-weekend/health-fitness-expo/ San Diego Health & Fitness Expo, which takes place every year, is the health and fitness industry’s top event in the city, attracting a wide range of exhibitors in the sports, fitness, health and wellbeing industries.

For 2018, the convention is linked with the Synchrony Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, with two days of exhibitions and activities taking place at the San Diego Convention Center.

San Diego Home Show

The San Diego Home Show is San Diego’s biggest home improvement and decorating event, attracting a diverse audience of attendees and exhibitors from some of the country’s top home improvement and homeware companies.

There are two Home Shows held every year in San Diego — one in the spring, and one during fall. Both shows are great opportunities for businesses involved in the home improvement and homeware industries to meet new people, make sales and generate valuable business leads.

Held at the San Diego Convention Center, the show is easy to access and features everything from furniture, kitchen equipment, and garden accessories to the latest in innovative home tech, residential solar energy and more.

Want to become an exhibitor?

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