5 Tips For A Successful Trade Show Booth for Maximum ROI

5 Tips For A Successful Trade Show Booth for Maximum ROI Banner

Managing a trade show booth is no child’s play. It is a task that requires endurance, careful planning, attention and a lot of persistence.

If your company is exhibiting at a trade show soon, you need to be sure it is going to be a success while still at the theory phase. Here are a few tested-and-tried tips that are bound to work the magic irrespective of what you’re selling and who you’re targeting.

1. Prepare a Master To-Do List

To get to the specific bits of everything that needs to be done during the event, you need to first come up with a general list of requirements. It is easier to break down the ‘general’ list, come up with a more detailed guide and organize the items into more practical categories such as demo, booth or staff.

2. Be Close with the Event Organizer

This may sound absurd and pointless but it can significantly smooth the process of getting ready for the big day. The organizer certainly has all the details and will let you know what is allowed at the event and what’s not. If for instance, you want to erect a giant inflatable simulation of the product you’re offering, this is the time to know if you can get space for it. Also, during the exhibition, he/she will be willing to offer a helping hand in case you get stuck somewhere since they already know you.

3. Keep the Signage as Simple as Possible

Your signage and booth displays should be as inviting and interesting as possible to ensure passersby know exactly what you’re selling by just glancing at your custom trade show booth. The messaging on the displays should be short, meaningful and written in a font that can be seen from several yards away. Put yourself in the viewpoint of a passerby, i.e. someone who is totally new to your product, and try to see if you could figure out what is being offered in your booth by just reading the signage.

4. Have a Lead Retrieval Plan in Place

With the right planning and marketing, trade shows can earn your company incredible sales leads. It is thus advisable that you have a retrieval process in mind to avoid losing potential clients. You may want to check with the event organizers to see if they have portable scanners for rent. Get at least two scanners if you expect a lot of traffic.

5. Follow up on Leads

Leads won’t be of any help if you don’t follow up on them after the event. You can assign each of your team members a number of leads with a well thought-out plan on how to approach the would-be clients. The best time to do this is immediately after the event while the encounters are still fresh and the zeal to try your product is still there.


A successful trade show is a combination of shrewd planning and excellent execution. With the limited-edition nature of such events, it is wise that you do as much as possible to create awareness of the product your company offers. The above tips can be of great help to you and your team as you lay out the blueprint for the big day. Also, consider contacting us at Blazer Exhibits Inc. for a custom trade show booth. We offer a wide spectrum of sizes and designs of booths for all types of exhibitions and preferences. Call us now and let us make your exhibition a success.

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