5 Tips for Planning Your Exhibit…A Pre-Show Checklist

5 Tips for Planning Your Exhibit…A Pre-Show Checklist Banner

Five Strategies For Your Next Trade Show Exhibits

You have taken the first step and decided to exhibit at a trade show.  Now…what’s next?  In order to get the most out of your exhibit investment, it is important to be prepared and plan ahead.  There are several important factors to consider when planning your exhibit, and utilizing these strategies will help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Set Goals and Define Your Objectives

You cannot measure how successful a trade show has been if you do not know what you were looking to achieve.  Several months before the show, you should identify what role the trade show will serve and how it relates to your overall marketing and sales strategy.  Decide what you are looking to gain from the trade show and set clear and concise goals.  At this point, you are ready to set a budget and predict your ROI.

Prepare Your Booth

Perhaps the most pertinent part of your exhibit is the booth itself.  Several factors contribute to the success of your booth but among the two biggest are location and design.  There is a reason trade shows charge a little more for a prime location…it generates more traffic!  When you reserve your space, decide if you are willing to pay a little more for that prime spot.  As far as exhibit design, you want to create a booth that is eye-catching and unique…a display that attendees will remember.  At this point you might consider hiring a company to handle the design and production of your booth.

Order and Organize Your Materials

In addition to the booth itself, you will need to prepare any other exhibit materials that you might need such as pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing materials and visual displays.  You will also want to order giveaways or promotional items that will help enhance brand awareness.

Begin Networking

Don’t wait until the show to reach out to consumers.  You can address your target audience long before the show begins.  You can do this by collecting email addresses and phone numbers of past attendees as well as current prospects and setting up meetings at your booth.  By marketing yourself pre-show, you can begin the networking process even before someone steps foot in your booth.  This will give customers knowledge of your brand before the show. You can also further build relationships with current clientele by purchasing them a ticket to the show.

Focus on the Logistics

You might have a brilliant design and a broad customer base, but it will be meaningless if your materials aren’t shipped on time and your visuals are not installed correctly.  Take time to set deadlines for your orders, set dates for shipment, and allot time for proper set-up.  Don’t get frazzled by last minute mishaps, have your logistics carefully planned and organized so all you will have to do is bring you’re A-game.

With the right preparation, exhibiting at a trade show can be beneficial and profitable for businesses.  Be diligent in your planning process to ensure that every last detail is accounted for. Good planning will make for a successful trade show.

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