5 Ways to Motivate Prospects With Your Trade Show Display

5 Ways to Motivate Prospects With Your Trade Show Display Banner

Great trade show displays don’t just stand out — they also motivate prospects to walk over to your booth, interact with your sales team and take action.

From your choice of wording to your display’s design and color scheme, a variety of factors all contribute to the way your custom trade show booth displays motivates prospects. Below, we’ve shared five tips to help you get the most from your display, both in terms of foot traffic and revenue.

Use an attention-grabbing headline

Your display’s headline is the first thing most attendees will read before deciding whether or not to enter your booth, so it’s important to get it right.

The best headlines are simple, attention-grabbing, easy to read and easy to remember. Use the “three-second rule” to simplify your headline — on average, you have less than three seconds to grab a prospect’s attention and motivate them to enter your booth.

In short, keep your headline tight, punchy and effective. You can provide more information after someone enters your booth, meaning it’s usually better to pick a headline that’s short and easy to read than one that’s overly complicated.

Highlight your product or service’s key benefits

Outside of highly technical industries, people are usually motivated more by benefits than by a product or service’s features. Because of this, it’s always best to highlight your product’s main benefits in your trade show display.

From saving time to helping you earn more money, choose two to three primary benefits of your product or service and make them the focus of your display. Often, it’s best to list your features as bullet points underneath your headline.

Provide an incentive for prospects

Another way to motivate prospects is to provide an incentive for them to walk up to your booth and interact with your sales team. This can be as simple as a free giveaway like a coffee cup or t-shirt, or it could be a more complex incentive such as a discount on your product or service.

The vast majority of trade show attendees aren’t there to window shop — instead, they’re looking for solutions to their problems. Pair an incentive with an effective solution and you can draw new prospects in with ease, then convert them into paying clients and customers.

Stand out with bright, bold colors

Trade shows are all about standing out, both in terms of visibility and value. One easy, effective way to stand out is to design your trade show displays using bold, bright colors that are visible from anywhere on the trade show floor.

While there’s no need to choose a color scheme that feels too “artificial” for your business, it’s worth experimenting with background and text colors to find a combination that achieves a mix of visibility and brand-related consistency for your business.

Showcase your product in action

Finally, one of the best ways to motivate prospects (and make them take a deeper interest in your product or service) is to showcase your product in action.

From quick demos to more detailed, in-depth presentations, showing off your product can be a great way to generate interest and motivate prospects to interact with your sales team. It’s also a great way to “seal the deal” with prospects who feel on the fence about your product.

Just like all aspects of a trade show, product demos require preparation. Before the show, set aside some extra time to plan and rehearse your product demo to make sure it is perfect on show days.

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