6 Essential California Trade Shows for Technology Startups

6 Essential California Trade Shows for Technology Startups Banner

Are you involved in a technology startup? Whether you’re a founder or a growth-focused sales and marketing executive, trade shows can be an extremely valuable opportunity to expand the reach of your startup, acquire new users and fuel growth.

California is the country’s epicenter of technology trade shows, hosting more events than any other state. From B2B to B2C, we’ve put together a list of six of the state’s essential events for startups interested in networking, lead generation, hiring and growth.

TECHSPO Los Angeles

TECHSPO Los Angeles is one of LA’s biggest technology conferences, attracting a huge range of exhibitors involved in the technology industry.

Ideal for networking, lead generation and hiring, TECHSPO attracts a huge range of attendees and exhibitors, from technical professionals to entrepreneurs, marketers, investors and industry insiders of all types.

Beyond the exhibition hall, there are a variety of presentations covering the latest topics in the world of technology, many of which can help you discover new ways to improve your product, enhance your market presence and expand your business.

Upfront Summit

The Upfront Summit is an invite-only technology event that attracts many of the industry’s top thinkers, innovators and thought leaders.

From interviews with leaders in the technology industry to panels covering the latest hot topics and trends, Upfront Summit features a huge range of presentations that can help you gain the ultimate competitive edge in technology.

While this is less of an exhibition event and more of a conference, it’s definitely worth attending if you can earn an invitation, especially if you’re aiming to attract the attention of industry leaders and potential startup investors.

Developer Week

Developer Week is, as you might be able to guess from its name, a conference dedicated fully to development. Billed as the world’s largest developer expo, Develop Week attracts software developers from around the world to discuss the industry’s latest trends and ideas.

Covering everything from the web to mobile technology, the Internet of Things and even newer technologies like virtual reality, Developer Week is a must-attend event if you have staff involved in developing high-tech applications.

In addition to the main San Francisco Bay Area event — which is the one you’ll want to attend, if possible — there are also more than 50 city-wide partner Developer Week events that take place around the world.

Startup Grind Global Conference

Interested in growing your startup? The Startup Grind Global Conference is the ultimate Silicon Valley event for growth-focused startups interested in acquiring attention, users, revenue and — most important of all — profits.

With more than 5,000 founders and investors, the Startup Grind Global Conference is a gigantic event that attracts some of the smartest business people in the technology industry.

This makes it one of the best events in the industry for networking with investors, tech startup founders and industry influencers. Beyond the amazing networking opportunities, there are a variety of presentations aimed at helping businesses of all sizes grow, develop and prosper.

Future Festival Los Angeles

Future Festival Los Angeles is one of Southern California’s top events dedicated to exploring the potential of future technology. Aimed at entrepreneurs and innovators, the conference is held in several cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

From one-on-one advisor sessions to presentations, product demos and a huge range of group meetups after the event is over, Future Festival has a lot to offer for technology startups hoping to fuel growth, develop new products and master the latest technology.

Mobile Growth Summit

Is your business involved in mobile? If so, Mobile Growth Summit is a must-attend event that deserves a place on your calendar. Held in New York and San Francisco, the event attracts a diverse range of people and companies involved in the mobile marketing and tech field.

From app developers to advertising experts, mobile tech gurus, hardware enthusiasts and an incredible range of other smart, switched-on people, Mobile Growth Summit is a great place to network with others involved in the world of mobile.

If your business is looking to branch out into mobile, it’s also a great place to learn more about where the industry is going, how it’s likely to get there and how you can make sure your startup is best positioned to take advantage of the massive growth of mobile device usage.

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