A Few Tips For First Time Exhibitors

A Few Tips For First Time Exhibitors Banner

If you are exhibiting at a trade show for the first time, your might feel a bit overwhelmed by all that has to go into preparing for and staffing a trade show booth. There is the exhibit design itself, deciding exactly what to present at your booth and staffing the booth come showtime, all of which are important keys to the success of your new trade show booth. So, how do you make sure that you keep from being overwhelmed while still achieving a level of success? Well, don’t worry. Today, we’re going to present some important tips for trade show success tailored specifically for first time exhibitors.

Spend some time thinking about exhibit design

If you are exhibiting for the first time, you probably won’t want to go really big just yet, unless you are a larger company that wants to make a big splash with a new product announcement or something similar. Otherwise, you will likely want a simply booth, perhaps with a few table top or popup displays. Keep it simple when considering exhibit design. The most important consideration you can make is how to allow attendees to enter your booth comfortably and without feeling trapped. You want them to be able to engage with your trade show booth, rather than standing out front behind a table which just encourages attendees to walk on by.

Know your space

Before you set up your trade show booth or consider your exhibit design, it is very important to know what kind of space you have. Where will you be exhibiting? What are the dimensions of the space? What are any other requirements or constraints that you will have to work within? Knowing your space allows you to better prepare to exhibit.

Consider exhibit rental

If this is your first time exhibiting than it is likely a smart option to rent a trade show booth, rather than purchasing one. Rental allows you to be more flexible with your exhibit design as well as making sure that you aren’t locked into a purchase that you may only end up using a few more times. It can save you money and hassle, so it is definitely worth looking into.

If you follow some of these basic exhibit design tips for your first time exhibiting you should be able to get more out of your trade show experience and save yourself a lot of stress.

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