A Primer On Trade Show Display Types

A Primer On Trade Show Display Types Banner

There are a wide range of trade show displays that are commonly used at industry shows and expos. Of course, with the advent of modular design and high-quality lightweight materials one can always find a custom application for their needs at a much more affordable price than ever before. Today, we want to briefly go over some of the more common forms of trade show displays that will be seen at trade shows. We’ll start with some of the more affordable and basic display types and work our way up to the full-featured custom exhibits.

One of the more basic trade show displays that is commonly employed is the table display. Table displays are exactly what they sound like, a display that is meant to be set up on a table top. Think of those three-panelled foam board displays that you probably have seen at your kids’ science fair, but much much nicer. Table displays are made out of high-quality materials and may include an integrated lighting system as well. They are best for simple presentations and their advantages are their affordable price and portability.

The next step up after table displays are pop up displays, which are stand alone displays that are typically one-sided, but can also sometimes have multiple sides and other add-ons (it’s important to remember that just about everything in the display and exhibit design industry is endlessly customizable). Pop up displays provide a larger space and more room to display your promotional materials and demonstrate products or services. Pop up displays provide a nice balance of presentation and affordable price and are commonly used at most every trade show.

Finally, we come to the catch-all category of the custom display. A custom display (as the name suggests) is designed specifically to meet your needs and can include anything from a slightly modified and embellished pop up display, to a full-featured exhibit with hanging graphics, rotating platforms, creative lighting and even multiple floors. Modular design and an increase in the availability of affordable, high-quality materials means that the custom display is more affordable, more robust, more adaptable and more portable than ever before.

Well, that concludes our primer on trade show displays. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to call with any questions, or browse the wide variety of products available on this website.

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