Top 50 Trade Shows in the US

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Trade shows could be one of the ultimate marketing opportunities. Did you know that each year in the United States, there are thousands of trade shows, conferences, or expo events?

Trade shows are a great way to get in front of others, meet new people, and learn to market your business even more. The majority of people who attend trade shows in the U.S. actually do so to learn about what is out there. 

If the number of trade show businesses doesn’t quite convince you, consider the fact that nearly 77% of attendees at trade shows find a new supplier of some sort, and sometimes more than one new supplier. And word of mouth will do a lot for you as well. 

Tips On How to Choose a Trade Show in the U.S.

Before you head out to a trade show, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of which shows will benefit you most. These shows are held all over the United States, so you want to choose the best resource to potentially gain results. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best trade show: 

Type of Trade Show

There are two primary types of trade shows out there – consumer-focused shows and industry trade shows. Consumer shows are generally for the public, while industry shows are typically for other organizations or even specific industries. Be sure to choose the right type of trade show for your product or service. 

It might be beneficial to utilize both types of shows, but one type may be a better fit. Weigh the differences and the costs and determine the types. You can work from there to choose trade shows to attend. 

Reputable Trade Shows

While there is nothing wrong with getting involved in a new or up-and-coming trade show, you should also be sure to head to some of the established shows as well. Shows that have been doing this for years and have great reputations know what they are doing. They know how to market the show and set up vendors for success. They often get a lot of traffic as well. 

The lesser-known or newer shows still typically have some learning and building to do. On the other hand, they might be more affordable to attend and you might have more time for one-on-one contact with attendees. There are trade-offs either way. 

But you definitely want to go for shows that have positive reputations in some way. 

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Cost and Budget

You may have to determine what trade shows you can or cannot attend based on how much they will cost and what your budget is. Every business has its own budget. There’s the entry cost to be able to set up some sort of booth. Then, you also have any costs associated with marketing, setting up a booth, and having swag or giveaways as part of the experience. 

If possible, you should plan out your budget and your trade shows ahead of time. Set a budget and then work within that range. You can always adjust if you need to, but this is a great place to start. 

How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Attendance

When you’re heading out to the trade shows on your list, be prepared. Have a general plan for how you are going to make the rounds and see the vendors you need to see to make connections and meet people. 

These tips will help you make the most of your attendance: 

  • Make a plan for who and what to see, and know which ones to prioritize.
  • Focus on the trade show rather than work that you need to do.
  • Follow up after the fact with contacts you met. A thank-you note is awesome.
  • Learn new things from sessions and speakers.
  • Write some sort of notes or report to keep the highlights fresh and available.

A Comprehensive List of the Top Trade Shows in the US

Take a look at these top 50 trade shows in the U.S. It’s up to you to determine the best fit for your needs, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. 

  1. ClickCon is perfect for the photography and videography industry. They even have models and scenic opportunities. Get a chance to practice and improve your skills while learning all the latest techniques.
    June 21-23, 2022 | Chicago, IL
  2. Social Media Marketing World offers advantages in social media marketing, including experts, strategizing, and resources. Network, learn new technology, and find out what is trending in the social media world.
    March 13-15, 2023 | San Diego, CA
  3. IFMA’s World Workplace is the largest facility management trade show and has been operating since 1995. They bring together experts in facility management to educate and enhance the industry.
    September 28-30, 2022 | Nashville, TN
  4. Cosmoprof brings together B2B coordination for the beauty industry, including skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, toiletries, accessories, and more. This is for finished products in these industries.
    July 12-14, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  5. SIGGRAPH is hosted by Astound and geared toward technology, with a focus on computer graphics and design. Learn about innovation and discover new technologies.
    August 8-11, 2022 | Vancouver, WA
  6. RetailX innovation conference & expo brings together e-commerce with internet retailers from across the globe. Products, resources, and plenty of education for internet retailers.
    June 13-15, 2023 | Chicago, IL
  7. SHARE is run entirely by volunteers and is a great opportunity for technological innovation, as well as IT personnel and companies.
    August 21-26, 2022 | Columbus, OH
  8. White Label World Expo is another retail event that welcomes both online and in-person retailers. They have more than 10,000 attendees each year.
    May 3-4, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
  9. The Money 2.0 Conference focuses on financial strategies as well as investments, providing products, education, and innovation in that realm.
    December 19-21, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  10. IMEX America offers more than 2,200 exhibitors and 3,400 global decision-makers. They are all about connections and networking while being treated like a VIP.
    October 11-13, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  11. World Ag Expo is all about agriculture (Ag). You will find the top innovative Ag products, women in Ag, demonstrations, and more at the largest annual agriculture expo.
    February 14-16, 2023 | Tulare, CA
  12. Finovate hosts both a fall and spring expo in the US. They also have other global events. This is a fintech event with a livestage and many great financial innovations.
    Finovate Fall September 12-14, 2022 | New York
    Finovate Spring 2023 TBA
  13. Mailcon is perhaps one of the most unique events, with a focus on email marketing. You see technology, strategies, trends, and more.
    May 2023 (date/location TBA)
  14. PMA Fresh Produce is a global produce and floral show. There are plenty of forces in the floral and produce supply chain, buyers and retailers alike.
    October 27-29, 2022 | Orlando, FL
  15. SXSW Conference & Festivals is another unique event design. They have a variety of festivals and events throughout the year at major venues that you can sort through to find the right fit for your industry or niche.
    March 10-19, 2023 | Austin, TX
  16. Tech Up for Women is not your average trade show. This is a huge variety of resources for women, including technology and education. They have a major webinar presence as well.
    November 15, 2022 | New York
    October 6, 2022 | San Diego, CA
  17. Chicago Build Expo is a construction and design trade show that focuses on these aspects as well as real estate in the Midwest region. From building to planning and architecture, they have a lot to offer.
    October 13-14, 2022 | Chicago, IL
  18. The Traffic & Conversion Summit is also known as T&C. They have several different pass options each year. They focus on marketing and networking with a myriad of education options, networking opportunities, and breakouts to attend.
    September 27-29, 2022 | San Diego, CA
  19. Unleash America is the leading trade show for recruitment, HR, and leaders throughout the United States. They host speakers and talk about trends and innovation in the workforce.
    April 26-27, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
  20. The Empire Fintech Conference is small but mighty. They have about 500 attendees each year and the focus is all about fintech. There are podcasts, networking opportunities, master classes, and more in this industry.
    2023 Dates TBA
  21. Summer Fancy Food Show is one huge food and beverage industry event. They bring together more than 10,000 people using both domestic and international exhibitors for the show. Networking and business planning for the industry hosted by the Specialty Food Association.
    Winter Show January 15-17, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
  22. Greenbuild Conference & Expo puts building sustainability at the forefront of their conference. Focusing on build, design, construction, and similar themes, they look at methods of sustainability and new developments in the market.
    November 1-3, 2022 | San Francisco, CA
  23. Vision Expo has both an East and West conference each year. This is for medical professionals, specifically in the ophthalmic industry. They talk shop as well as eye care, eye wear, fashion, and more.
    March 16-19, 2023 | New York
  24. Digital Summit was formerly Internet Summit, but has changed its name to open to a larger niche than just the internet. This is all about the latest and greatest developments in the digital industry. 
  25. The E3 Expo is a global interactive broadcast. It has teamed up to be one experience you simply don’t want to miss. This expo is about all things video game and computer industry-related.
    Set to return 2023, details TBA
  26. MAU Conference is hosted in Vegas each year and it’s all about mobile professionals. The entire world is going mobile, so learning marketing strategies and information is a must. This is a limited conference that requires an application process.
    June 2023, details TBA
  27. Equip Exposition is also known as GIE+ Expo and has recently changed names. This expo is the largest showcase for the outdoor industry, including power equipment, lawn and garden tech, and even some light construction as well.
    October 18-21, 2022 | Louisville, KY
  28. Social Media Strategies Summit is all about social media: learning trends, strategies, and meeting new connections. You will be with other social media gurus learning everything that’s new and finding valuable tools and resources.
    2022 Virtual
    2023 TBA
  29. RIMS is a trade show designed for risk management and keeping up-to-date in the industry. They cover everything risk management, from innovation to solutions and many details in between.
    April 30 – May 3, 2023 | Atlanta, GA
  30.  The PPAI Expo is a tradeshow all about promotional products. It’s the perfect chance to mingle, hand out swag, and share all about your products. Of course, you can find new products, too.
    January 9-12, 2023 | Vegas
  31. The CES Show is for consumer technology, and it’s about preparing any industry for forward thinking and innovation. This can be used in just about any industry, working through processes and technology for operations and innovation.
    January 5-8, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
  32. The AWFS Fair takes a whole new approach. This trade show is for the woodworking and furnishing industries, bringing together a large gathering of equipment, technology, and new ideas.
    July 25-28, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV
  33. WWDMagic has several different shows throughout the year. This is a retail industry trade show with a focus on women’s clothing and trends. They touch on creation, networking, commerce, and more.
    August 8-10, 2022 | Vegas
    September 18-20, 2022 | New York
  34. Plant Based World Expo brings together the future of plant-based products. This is for any industry utilizing plant-based approaches, from retail to food producers. People with different backgrounds come together for one common cause.
    September 8-9, 2022 | New York
  35. The Mobile Growth Summit is a small fintech trade show designed around quality rather than large numbers of people. They keep it small and intimate to help you connect and learn rather than shop for products and providers.
    August 25, 2022 | Miami, FL
  36. Money 20/20 is the largest fintech conference you will find. They offer a variety of speakers and activities for the fintech industry and convene with more than 8,000 people and 2,800 companies.
    October 23-26, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  37. AAPEX is geared towards automotive professionals. They have hands-on training as well as previews of new innovations and one-on-one experiences. They make it short and sweet so you don’t so you won’t fall way behind while you attend.
    November 1-3, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  38. Big Boys Toys Expo is the type of trade show you don’t want to send your husband to. They will surely find some new toy they need. This tradeshow is all about luxury and innovation paired with the hottest new outdoor toys and experiences.
    October 14-16, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  39. Comic-Con is a trade show you’ve likely heard of. This unique gathering brings together a ton of people with shows, awards, museums, and more available. This is a comic-based gathering so it’s a specific niche, but it’s a great way to network.
    July 21-24, 2022 | San Diego, CA
  40. The Super Computing Conference is perfect for a career in computing. This can capture several different industries, from research to networks and everything in between. They share innovations, opportunities, and more. This is a limited conference with an application selection.
    November 13-18, 2022 | Dallas, TX
  41. XLive is built for live event coordinators to come together. All of the hosts for these trade shows need to be able to coordinate and network, too. What better way to do so than to convene at a trade show?
    November 18-20, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  42. HPE Discover is a Hewlett-Packard trade show. Much like you would expect from a computer company, this event showcases technology, IT, electronics, and the digital age.
    June 25-30, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  43. The Global Gaming Expo brings together gamers and innovators alike. It’s all about bringing the most out of the digital age and trends and innovation in the gaming industry, from casinos to arcades and everything in between.
    October 10-13, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  44. The Health2Conf has both a stateside and an international conference option. This conference focuses on healthcare and innovations in the healthcare industry.
    December 19-21, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  45. Rockwell Automation Fair is great for skill-building and industrial automation approaches. It’s immersive and exciting.
    November 16-17, 2022 | Chicago, IL
  46. SHRM Talent Conference & Expo is for people in charge of recruitment in the workforce. It’s all about bringing professionals together to learn what to look for and how to find the best talent.
    April 16-19, 2023 | Orlando, FL
  47. MarTech Conference has both a spring and a fall expo. This conference brings together different professions and industries to put minds together to discuss innovation, technology, ideas, and more.
    Fall September 28-29, 2022 | Spring TBA
  48. MozCon is a marketing conference, but it’s not your average conference. It’s laid-back and great for networking, optimization, and more.
    July 11-13, 2022 | Seattle, WA
  49. SuperZoo is a pet retail event, so it’s another unique niche. Bring together destinations for every type of pet, find suppliers, and learn more about the market.
    August 23-25, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
  50. ASD Market Week is the main B2B public expo for the stock market and everything it covers, from vendors to e-commerce and more.
    August 21-24, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV


Trade shows in the U.S. offer a number of benefits and it’s well worth finding some to exhibit at or even just attend. Here are the top benefits:

  • Networking connections
  • Growing relationships
  • Learn great new things
  • Get your brand seen
  • Take inspiration from others
  • Gather new leads

If you need help preparing for your next trade show, Blazer Exhibits & Events has a variety of solutions. Reach out for a proposal or more information.