Why trade show managers love Blazer Exhibits for all of their dimensional projects.

Having a turnkey trade show company for all your exhibiting and marketing needs makes a world of difference.

It is not hard to understand why Event Managers love us. Just take a look at what the benefits are when you entrust us with your trade show and event work.

A tradeshow is an opportunity to engage with future clients alongside existing ones. Successful trade show exhibits maximize foot traffic and genuinely engage your target market. Blazer understands the importance of face-to-face marketing and we have the expertise and experience to handle all of the facets of the trade show exhibiting process by taking that work off your shoulders and put it squarely on ours. We do the work, and you take all the credit!

All the ways we will make your job effortless.

We made a list of some of the areas we handle when you choose to use Blazer exhibits as your exhibiting company. Pull up a chair and take a glance at the list below – you will see why you are in the best hands in the industry.

    We plan all stages of your project

    You can walk in with zero knowledge, and leave a hero. Our specialist will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, or if you have extensive knowledge, work with your team to build your perfect exhibiting platform for shows and events of all size at any location. So if you are a novice or an expert Blazer Exhibits is the perfect choice for your program.

    We handle all the details

    One of the many advantages of choosing Blazer Exhibits for your next trade show is that we are a full-service provider. All the details from design to shipping and eventually storage or repair are things we handle daily. Taking all the exhibiting or event details off your list and putting it on ours is what our business is all about and we are the best in the business!

    Support for all questions

    With all of the years Blazer Exhibits has been leading the trade show industry, we have just about seen everything. We have answers to questions ranging from exhibiting structures of all types, event locations around the country, logistics, shipping/drayage, and even what types traffic flows work the best in particular situations at any venue. We just about know it all!

    Follow-up and post-project reports

    The show does not stop once the dates have passed. Taking that critical information from the show attendees that your sales staff has collected and turned those leads into sales by analyzing the data collected. This not only allows you to start seeing your ROI but capitalizing on the data and making those important adjustments for your next exhibiting venue.

    Eliminate last-minute planning stress

    We have all been there. Last-minute requests from the CEO or head of marking can throw a wrench into carefully planned and executed exhibit spaces. It happens more often than you think, so Blazer has gathered a network of professionals that can take those eleventh-hour requests and make them happen. From the smallest graphics to even moving equipment overnight, we have the facilities and team to fulfill almost every last-minute adjustments.

    Work within your budget

    We understand that sometimes the trade show and exhibiting aspects of your face to face marketing can be an afterthought. When budgets are tight and it may seem like you may not have the presence at your upcoming event, Blazer exhibits can find a solution that will work. From rental properties to creative and impactful customizations that look like a million bucks, but stay within your budget we can keep your brands’ integrity intact while making sure you’re within the marketing guidelines and budget you have available

    Handle 3rd party requests

    Blazer’s exhibiting pros will take third party requests off your shoulders and into our wheelhouse. We pride ourselves on being a turn-key exhibiting house and part of that process is working hand-in-hand with offsite vendors to fulfill specific requests for any event or trade show.

    Avoid unforeseen costs

    Getting expensive surprises when on the show-floor is not pleasant. We work diligently to uncover and expose those unforeseen items that potentially could arise. Being familiar with Union rules and the nuances within locals and convention centers we can make sure nothing squeaks through unexpectedly. If something does show up – rest assure that those unforeseen costs have been considered in the process of working with Blazer Exhibits at your venue.

    Maximize your ROI

    Making sure all the details of successful face-to-face encounters with prospective customers and converting them into longterm clients all starts with getting them into your exhibiting space to talk to your sales team. We make sure your message hits your intended target audience with just the right traffic flow within the perfect structure for your exact exhibit location on the show floor. It is an art we have mastered over 35 years in the industry.

We do all the work, you take all the credit!

We say this often and we mean it. Our business is focused on taking as much work off your shoulders as possible. You can be involved as much as you want throughout the entire process while our teams focus on making your presence at your next venue the highest priority. Your dedicated account executive and their staff will keep you apprised of all the developments while offering tips, suggestions, and cost-saving options so you can oversee the process and be assured your show will exceed all of your expectations and deliver on your marketing goals!