Advantages of Rental Booths

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If you or your company are new to exhibiting at trade shows, it behooves you to take a long hard look booth rental. There are many advantages of renting your exhibit or trade show display, instead of purchasing one. Among these are both financial and logistical advantages.


If you haven’t considered why you might rent booths for your next show, then consider first the monetary advantages of such a move. When you purchase a trade show display you own it outright. This means you can do whatever you want with it, but it also means that you are basically stuck with what you have. Any modifications or customizations will cost you extra money and they may only work for a particular event or show.


When you go for booth rental instead, you are able to select an appropriate display each time you opt to rent. You are able to customize to a surprising degree (depending on the situation and the company from which you are renting the display) and you save significantly on the costs of storage, asset management, shipping and the rest that come with the ownership of a trade show display.


When we take a look at the advantages of rental booths, they are significant. The decision to rent booths is particularly smart for smaller companies or those that do not regularly exhibit at a trade show or other event. If a company is regularly exhibiting and wants to have full control over its trade show exhibit, then purchasing a display may be a better option. This is especially true when purchasing a modular display that can be easily modified to meet various needs for different events. But, for a company which desires flexibility and cost-efficiency above all else, booth rental is often a no-brainer.

Before you decide to rent booths for your next event it is always a good idea to speak with an expert before you make your decision. At Blazer Exhibits & Events, we can help you better understand what the best option is for you and your company. We’ll sit down and speak with you about your needs and see whether booth rental is for you, or whether you might want to opt for purchasing a trade show display instead.

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