Afraid Of The Trade Show? Consider A Rental Display

Afraid Of The Trade Show? Consider A Rental Display Banner

You have been thinking about it for a while, but each time you do, you come up with reasons it just won’t work. It’s too expensive. I might get stuck with one that just doesn’t work for what I need. It’s to complicated. I don’t have the time for the logistics of it all. There are lots of reasons why you may think that a trade show rental display just won’t work. Maybe you can’t imagine dealing with all that goes into planning a portable trade show booth, let alone the money it will take to get you the booth of your dreams.


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Maybe you’re a small business looking to make 2014 the year of substantial growth, or a business that has grown once before, and you want to it to grow a lot more this year. You could even be considering upgrading your trade show exhibit a bit so that it suits your business’ needs, which have changed over the years. You, of all people, knows how much money went into that display. Do you want to spend the money to find out it just doesn’t work?


Think Rental


While you might not realize it, renting your trade show display is the perfect solution for a number of reasons. I am sure you’re thinking, “But then I’m using a booth that just won’t represent my brand like a custom designed booth.” Don’t worry – a rental booth can be customized just as much a booth you would purchase and design yourself! You’re just saving yourself from making the financial commitment. And that’s good, because what if it just doesn’t work for you? You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong display!


Let’s not forget it is easier, too. If you rent a booth from Blazer Exhibits, you don’t need to worry about the logistics of it all. The only thing you need to think about is what your needs are in terms of design. We will get it to the show, and then take it off your hands. No more worrying about what is happening to your booth while it is being transported!


What if you only plan on setting up shop at a few trade shows this year? You don’t want to sink the money into a booth, which you’ll then be required to pay to store and ship from show to show, for such a small amount of shows. It just doesn’t make any financial sense. Renting a booth is the perfect solution! What’s more, you’ll determine the perfect booth design for you over time, and when you start going to enough trade shows to justify purchasing one, you’ll know the exact setup to suit your needs.


Think Flexible


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Let’s say you are in the art industry. You go to trade shows for different reasons. Sometimes, you need to market to customers and potential customers. That trade show booth is going to be a lot different than if you were setting up at a trade show that was geared more towards a business-to-business audience. Many industries need to be able to switch back and forth depending on the audience, and a rental booth is the answer to this. It’s more flexible – you are getting a booth in the perfect size and configuration based on your needs for that specific show – which allows each show to fit your audience.


A rental booth is also great for those who make a last minute decision to exhibit at a show. You don’t have time for a custom booth to be created, nor do you have the funds immediately available. Not a problem with a rental – many are ready to go, pre-designed, just waiting for your company graphics to make it yours. Visitors to your booth won’t be able to tell you didn’t design it! It’s a quick and easy way for a successful trade show!


What Are You Waiting For?


You can see that renting a booth is the perfect option for anyone, whether it’s your first trade show booth or you are looking to change the design to suit your business’ needs as it grows and changes. Take some of the headaches out of the planning phase. You don’t need to worry about what it takes to put it all together, or how you’re going to get it to and from the show. You won’t need to pay storage fees or shipping and transportation charges. All you need is a general idea of what it is you need in a booth along with how you want it to look and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even worry about the graphics!


Don’t purchase a booth if you don’t have to. You’ll save money and time, and can focus on other important things like perfecting your sales pitch and presentations for the show. Do you think renting a booth is something worth considering? We’d love to help you determine if it is the right move for your company.

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