As Good As New: Rental And Used Trade Show Exhibits

As Good As New: Rental And Used Trade Show Exhibits Banner

If you are looking to stretch your dollar for the next trade show season, but don’t want to compromise too much on quality or presentation when you are shopping for a trade show exhibit, consider used exhibits which can often be purchased at significant discounts and are often refurbished to look as good as new. Another option that you should definitely leave on the table is the idea of display rental. Renting–as opposed to buying–can offer a number of advantages.

Of course everyone wants the shiny new custom trade show exhibit, but the fact of the matter is that these exhibits, while having come down considerably in price, are still out of reach for smaller companies. Instead of opting for a new trade show exhibit which is overly simple and restrictive on the brand new market, it may very well be a smart move to look into used exhibits which can allow you to afford many of the extras and more elaborate setups, without breaking the bank. These exhibits are often of very high quality and most people will not even be able to notice that they are not brand new, but rather refurbished.

In addition, display rental offers advantages such as removing the need to find a place to store and manage the large property that a trade show display represents. If your company attends trade shows less than once a year, it may very well be cost-effective to seriously consider display rental. Rental also allows you the flexibility to try out new setups and trade show ideas without having to purchase multiple exhibits. If it doesn’t work out, just go a different route next time. Plus, you won’t have to pay for shipping and storage of the exhibit when you aren’t actually exhibiting at a trade show.

Refurbished or used exhibits and the advantages of display rental can allow greater versatility for larger companies and greater access to different setups and features for smaller companies, or those that don’t want to make a huge investment into trade show exhibiting (at least until you realize all the myriad advantages). Make sure to speak to your trade show exhibit designer or vendor about all of the different possibilities that are available in refurbished exhibit and display rentals.

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