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The ASI Show helps connects Suppliers and Distributors in trade show displays in Chicago, IL

Whenever you think about the ASI Show, it reminds you of a very fond idea that it allows for meaningful conversations. Aside from allowing you to have the opportunity to expand your industry relationships, learn the latest and hottest trends, and discuss your sales goals and needs of clients – all of these while the suppliers, decorators and distributors are present, face to face. What a great way to head to a destination this July.

ASI member companies have always enjoyed cost-saving opportunities and feature a wide selection of topics for every level of experience in the advertising specialty industry. The most unique items are being showcased in the non-stop networking day of ASI Show.

The ASI Show helps connects Suppliers and Distributors in trade show displays in Chicago, IL especially that active participants continue to participate in the events and full day of education and camaraderie.

The latest in promotional products are just one of the highlights of the ASI Show. Everybody usually enjoys getting freebies, fun and creative booths are present in the forum area, and small businesses alike big businesses present in the event stand out in the crowd and get noticed, giving a great boost about their company. Advertising Specialty Institute Trade Show highlights several great companies you may want to check out this year, with unique products and exciting showcase collections.

ASI has been listed in the past many years as the most innovative in trade show displays in Chicago, IL.  To those who only heard of the great things ASI has been doing in the many years of their service to the advertising community, it creates and distributes opportunities for both manufacturers and suppliers of promotional merchandise as well as promotional product distributors. ASI’s main business is organizing and classifying supplier’s products in catalogs, allowing for easy reference by promotional products distributors and sales people. It is like bringing the community closer to the services of their distributors in terms of accessibility and convenience. The ASI Show is held in a few major US cities throughout the year, and in Chicago, features a keynote address by a well-known marketer. In the past, more celebrities and well-known figures had graced the stage of the ASI Show.

ASI Show had come a long way since the time when there was no paper-based resource for finding promotional products or their suppliers were ever accessible for the consumers. Small sales people relied on catalogs which were passed on by reliable sales community sharing coming from individual supplier. ASI provided that community to stay connected and start a sales record of different promotional products and suppliers as verified source in the industry.

ASI Show has fully-packed this year’s events, including the best in the advertising specialty industry itself. Online educational and new resources for promotional product are going to be launched. So, don’t miss out, Blazer Exhibits & Events, our exhibit design firm, will be more than happy to assist with putting together a trade show display for your brand. Request a free design estimate today!

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