The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers-APPA Unveils a Trade Show Display in San Francisco, CA

The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers-APPA Unveils a Trade Show Display in San Francisco, CA Banner

A good educational system is one of the pillars of development. Education molds the youth to become good citizens and a lot are at stake in helping the younger generation in developing their skills and knowledge through education. One of the most important factors that lead to an excellent educational system is the facilities. Having excellent school facilities makes it a lot easier for students and teachers to work together and make the educational system a success. On the other hand, poor school facilities cause teachers to have low morale and for students to feel that they are being neglected. There is also a correlation between poor school facilities and large dropout rates among schools. This is where the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers-APPA becomes very relevant. The APPA is a leading organization when it comes to helping its members in keeping the quality of educational facilities at its best.


The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers-APPA is an organization that had several evolutions in its name. Originally called the Association of Physical Plant Administrators, the APPA which is set to unveil a trade show display in San Francisco, CA using excellent trade show display ideas, is now simply referred to as the APPA. At the center of the APPA membership are the educational facilities professionals. The APPA’s main trust is to help these educational facilities professionals improve their industry and to make them as recognizable and important pieces in recruiting and keeping students in school through excellent and world class facilities. Aside from working with its individual professionals, the APPA also works with its member institutions. The APPA understand that there should be a good relationship between the educational facilities professionals and the school in order to achieve its goals. Both need to work as partners so that it can maintain a school that is an envy of others and a model among its teachers and students.

The APPA’s services

There are several services that APPA members can benefit from. To expand its membership the APPA puts to use the trade show display ideas and will have a trade show display in San Francisco, CA. This trade show will also become a venue for learning among the APPA members. More than 100 presenters are scheduled to join the event. These presenters include educators, experts, and researchers who are going to share best practices, ideas and innovation that will be useful in their professional practice. The APPA also has an evaluation program that is very useful for institutions. This evaluation program is conducted by industry professionals and will help educational institutions measure the quality of the facilities that they offer and see where improvements and changes are needed. The APPA also has a mentoring program. This mentoring program’s aim is to allow experts to help others succeed in their career path by sharing their expertise.

The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers-APPA will have its annual conference and exhibition on July 21 to 23, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco. This event should not be missed by education facilities professionals and educators who wish to make the best out of its educational facilities.

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