At Your Next Trade Show, How To Appear As A Leader In Your Industry

At Your Next Trade Show, How To Appear As A Leader In Your Industry Banner

When you are exhibiting at a trade show, there will always be a level of competition between companies, whether explicit or just under the surface. All of these companies want to appear as leaders in their industry, which means that they will be vying for the spotlight and the attention of all of the attendees in various ways. If your company operates in an industry which is known for featuring major expos, you will need to put extra attention and resources into your trade show booth and your entire presence at a major trade show if you want to brand yourself as a leading company in the context of your industry.

Exactly how to do this will differ slightly by business type and industry, because no two industries (or expos) are exactly alike. However, there are enough commonalities that we can discuss how to demonstrate leadership in a broad sense and in a way that will apply to nearly all industries and situations. Since Blazer Exhibits & Events focuses on the design and fabrication side of exhibits primarily, we will start with the decisions that you should make about your trade show booth in order to make the impact you want.

There is something to be said for practicality and efficiency when you are exhibiting at a trade show that is not explicitly competitive and when your company is not focusing on demonstrating leadership and prominence within your industry. However, when this is your primary goal. You will need to ‘kick it up a notch’ (as one famous Italian chef once said). This means that you will likely want to employ more extravagant design and larger form factors for your trade show exhibit. At Blazer Exhibits & Events we can help you do this effectively, while still staying under budget.

Secondly, it is important to do one or both of the following to establish leadership in your industry. Your first option is to get a slot doing a keynote presentation of some kind and use this to demonstrate expertise and understanding not just of your own products and business, but of the larger context of the industry and where it is headed. Giving a keynote presentation which demonstrates your knowledge of the industry and its future is one of the best ways to cement your status as a leader in your field.

Another option that you may want to employ is to feature new and upcoming product demonstrations at your trade show booth. This will give attendees a peak at what’s coming next and make your company appear to be on the cutting edge. Of course, the quality of the offerings is key and this can be especially difficult to pull off with early prototypes.

All of these ideas can help you stand out as a leader in your industry. For more ideas, contact us at Blazer Exhibits & Events.

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