Attending an Outdoor Show? Learn to Entertain!

Attending an Outdoor Show? Learn to Entertain! Banner

Here’s the thing about an outdoor show: it sounds like a great idea. Here’s the reality: it’s probably hot and somewhat boring. You can’t just set up a giant booth outside and hope for the best. You have to keep the environment in mind, and use all of your skills to entertain the crowd – and when we say “entertain,” we mean really entertain!

Channeling Bozo

Image courtesy of Emilian Robert Vicol via Flickr

Remember Bozo the Clown? He was popular sometime during the 1950s. Bozo was hired to entertain children at outdoor birthday parties, once they tired of cake and ice cream. We’re not suggesting that you break out your clown suit, but try and find an entertaining activity related to your business. Examples:

  • If you run a champagne bar, show people how to slice the top off of a bottle.
  • If you run a kickboxing studio, demonstrate some moves.
  • If you run a dating service, set up a shorter version of a dating gameshow.

See where we’re going with this? You really don’t have to stick to lecture and literature when it comes to an outdoor show. Use the space that you will likely have around you to make the show fun for everyone attending. What business will draw more attention? The people handing out packets of information or the people that engage the crowd? The sky’s (literally!) the limit when it comes to an outdoor show.

Kill Them With Kindness

Another way to really draw people to your booth at an outdoor show is to provide useful items that include your logo. If it’s going to be a hot day, set up a large glass pitcher full of ice water and lemons. Put your logo on the cups. Or, hand out chapstick or sunscreen sticks that have your logo. All you have to do is find a printing company that will add your logo to any item, and you are ready to roll. Every time someone pulls out that sunscreen or passes it around, they’ll see your logo – and so will other people.

Bring the Shade

An outdoor even provides the perfect place to set up a booth that includes some kind of sun umbrella. Our team at Blazer can make this happen, if this sounds like a good idea to you. Provide people with shade from the hot sun by inviting them into your booth to stand under your umbrella.


You may find that many outdoor shows are less expensive to attend than indoor shows, and the booths often tend to be a lot more fun. When you’re outside and less restricted, you have all the space in the world to create a really interesting exhibit. Just keep in mind that people like to be entertained, and offer items that can really be of use on a hot day. The other really important thing to remember is that the sun might not be shining on the day of the event.

The booth that you bring to the show has to be completely weather proof. Otherwise, you could have a small disaster on your hands during your exhibit setup! Plus, it’s a good idea to make sure that your exhibit setup can be weighted down in case winds are out of control. We’d all love outdoor shows to be picture perfect with the right amount of sunshine, but that might not happen. Just in case, be prepared!

Blazer Booths

At Blazer Exhibits, our goal is to provide all of our clients with custom displays. All of our setups include logos and other details that you can use to really show off your product. You can play with lighting, colors, and all kinds of interactive bits that are fun to use and for your clients to play around with – our custom displays really stand out. Try and think of original ways to entertain when you’re outside, or offer people something really useful that they can use during the show.

Outdoor shows are a lot of fun if you come prepared. Talk to us today about the kinds of custom displays that you want to set up, and we’ll make sure it happens. Or, call us for pricing and other details.

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