Attention Grabbing Exhibit Ideas for the Winter Fancy Food Show

Attention Grabbing Exhibit Ideas for the Winter Fancy Food Show Banner

The Winter Fancy Food Show is a great place to let the world know about your specialty food. It also gives you the opportunity to network and meet new clients in a cost-effective and convenient way. With the winter fancy food show coming to Moscone Center in January of 2019, this is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

But that’s not enough, you need attention-grabbing ideas for your exhibit booth to reap all the benefits that you deserve. In this rare opportunity, having the most unique ideas could be the difference that catapults your food business to the heights of success. Here we explore the best ideas for your custom trade show booths.

Use hanging signs

Hanging signs are prominent visual features that will certainly grab the attention of those who pass by. They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and depending on the theme of your brand you can choose a color that blends well.

For your trade show display, choose a lightweight and compact hanging sign with graphic prints that are just the perfect match. Hanging signs can be arches, bowed triangle fabric structure,

rectangular, peninsula or a square.

Backlit canopies

With the creative use of lighting, a backlit canopy can create an ambiance that is attractive to the audience and captures their emotive senses. For your food display booth, be sure to use cool lighting that communicates naturalness. Additionally, you can make the lighting color to go along with your brand colors which is a good way to keep things formal and streamlined.

Creative shelving

When it comes to choosing your shelving be as creative as possible. For your food exhibit where you place your samples and giveaways, let the design be as informal as possible, yet blended with the overall structure. You can use extensive curves on the shelves or opt for squared shelves that are a bit less formal. A suspended shelf against a wall is also a creative way to use your booth space while grabbing the attention of the attendees.


The correct combination of colors is pleasing to the eye and the soul. When choosing the best colors for your booth, opt for eye-catching colors that are not too exaggerated yet communicate coolness and naturalness. Green, yellow, orange and their shades can be effectively used to achieve this.

Portable carpet flooring

When it comes to choosing your carpet flooring there is no limit to your creativity and you can opt for a color or material that stands out from the rest. Make your booth as inviting as possible by using exotic materials and floor patterns. If your flooring is good-looking, attendees will want to stay longer in your booth and admire it. Flooring options that you can consider include walnut, dark oak, and light oak, and khaki options.

Display screens

Display screens are a game-changer in this industry more so with the digitally oriented audience. Some people will prefer to see display videos of your food specialty or food-related product. It is important that you cater to this group of people and keep them engaged as much as possible. The good thing with display screens is that you can customize how you want everything to appear and the colors you want.

Clear signage

Use clear signage to indicate actions or labels on your booth. A-call-to action sign will lead to a certain action. For example, you can have a sign that tells your attendees to try free samples, what to touch and what not to touch. It is a good way to keep things organized and simple at the same time. In addition, a clear and legible writing should be used. The writing should not be too busy or crammed in a limited space.

Catchy graphics

We all have an eye for catchy typographic displays and this should be shown in the style of graphics that you use. Since it’s a food event, you can opt for fun graphics that encourage a light-hearted mood, as opposed to a formal approach. A creative way would typically have your food specialty incorporated in the typography print.

To help you get ready for the upcoming Winter Fancy food show at Moscone Center, the above ideas will offer you a good start. No matter what design you choose for your custom trade show displays, these timeless tips will help you grab the attention of new prospects.

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