Bad Habits Of Trade Show Booth Staffers To Avoid

Bad Habits Of Trade Show Booth Staffers To Avoid Banner

As we’ve discussed over the past few days, your trade show booths are always going to need to be staffed by good employees or hired help in order for you to get the most out of your trade show experience. Unfortunately, there are often some incidents that might occur which can really put a damper on the success of your tradeshow booths. In many situations, the simple fact is that your trade show staff can either make or break your trade show exhibits.


In order to make sure that you are dealing with a dynamite trade show staff and not one that is imploding in on itself, here are a few habits to avoid with staffers at your trade show booths.


First of all, since the entire point of trade show staff is to make sure that attendees who are just wandering by get engaged by your staffers, the first behavior that you should seek to avoid is that of staffers themselves not being engaged at your tradeshow booths. In other words, staffers should not be talking on their phones, or just with each other. They should either be standing by looking friendly or engaging a visitor in a conversation about your company.


The second cardinal violation of trade show staffing is making a mess of the tradeshow booths. Staffers should be encouraged to make themselves at home to a certain extent, but that shouldn’t extend to making a mess by leaving drinks, food or other personal items around the trade show exhibit. In other words, make sure that staffers are attentive to show attendees and not too relaxed in their role.

Finally, the biggest cardinal sin of trade show booth staffing is ignoring visitors and attendees so it’s very important to make sure that trade show booth staff are trained to actively engage and speak with attendees. Otherwise, what are they there for? If there is one thing that you make sure to inculcate in all of your trade show staff it is to make sure that they make every effort to engage attendees and promote your company.

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