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Cancer remains to be one of the biggest killers in the world right now. Annually, many patients die of cancer compared to any other condition. However, it is comforting to know that advancements in science and technology have allowed a man to create better cure against cancer and to substantially decrease the mortality rate from the disease. Back in the days, Cancer is considered to be virtually incurable. However, now things are a lot different. With the latest procedures and medicines available, cancer patients are given a better fighting chance. It is with the help of organizations like the American Society of Clinical Oncology that these advancements become possible. ASCO is one of the top organizations that help in the advancement of cancer research and providing a cure for it.

The Advocacy of ASCO

The American Society of Clinical Oncology was founded in 1964 with a handful of cancer doctors who decided to work together in order to give new hope for cancer patients. Back then, cancer carries with it the stigma of suffering and hopelessness. The founders of ASCO hoped to remove those stigmas and give cancer patients a chance and hope that there is a cure for cancer.  Now as ASCO is set to have the Best of ASCO annual meeting, it continues this advocacy of making the situation a lot better for cancer patients by contributing immensely to clinical oncology research and cancer patient care. Amidst the Boston, MA rental exhibits and trade show booth ideas during the annual meeting, ASCO will renew its commitment to finding a permanent cure for cancer.

The Best of ASCO

Annually, the American Society of Clinical Oncology holds its convention and meeting called Best of ASCO. This year’s convention is in partnership with one of the Boston, MA rental exhibits provider which provides its trade show booth ideas in order to add to the highlights of the event. These booth exhibits will showcase a lot of information and other relevant things for ASCO and its members. The Best of ASCO event will also feature lectures and presentations from the members and invited experts. These lectures will be an opportunity for the attendees to learn more about clinical oncology and the current advancements in the said field of medicine. Researchers will also present their papers to provide insight on the current research trend and what the future holds in the hopes of finally realizing a permanent cure for cancer. The Best of ASCO is also an opportunity for its members to meet and be with other members from all over the country and even overseas. This is a chance for the members to exchange contact information and build professional relationships with other each other knowing that this will be very useful as they continue to practice their profession.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology –Best of ASCO happens on July 14 to 15 at the Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, MA. G ahead and sign up to be part of this momentous and very important event.


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