Blazer Exhibits & Events: Trade Show Conversion Tips

blazer exhibits trade show conversion

When your at a trade show or marketing event, the attendees are looking for relevant information for the industry you are representing.  So how can you quickly capture the visitors attention and achieve a conversion?

1. Make sure your message is relevant

Let be honest.  Most trade show messaging is a mish-mash of all the capabilities a particular business has to offer with the goal of convincing the attendee that their product or service is the best choice.  Resist the urge to get to complicated with your message.  Keep the goal focused and concise to your objective for that particular show objective.  The less confusing your message is, the better chance of conversion you are going to have.


2. Provide a fluid experience

Form and function should be consistent with your brand first!  website, collateral, or campaign specific imagery will reinforce your goals and the visitors experience within your trade show exhibit space and when they look at the information handed to them through post show emails or informational brochures they took with them at your booth space.


3.  Get to the point! Do not bore the attendee

Very few people like to spend more than a few moments trying to understand what your about and what you have to offer.  When dealing with trade show attendees, many times they are on the clock and have to get as much relevant information for their needs in the shortest amount of time.  Wading through 100 bullet points and 30 images is a recipe for disaster!

Let your collateral and exhibit staff take on the details and lead them to proper channels of conversion. Your efficiency will speak volumes as an organized operation!  Who wants a “B” team?  I want the folks who are on task and organized!


4. Focus attention

I will paraphrase a good analogy that really does make a solid point  Say you are walking downtown and pass a newspaper stand.  You see a large black inked headline that happens to grab your attention enough to make you slow down. You stop, lean over and examine the front page for a quick overview. If the simple points are clear and you find them interesting, you probably pull out some change and purchase the paper to get more involved.

Make your headlines clear, easily noticeable and relevant to your objective.  make your points easy to find and give your booth space attendee a reason to engage your staff.


5. Traffic and segmentation

If you have multiple goals for your week on the show floor, create an  A/B campaign with a different set of graphics for certain days!  This will enable you to measure your most effective messaging, colors, and imagery.   By the end of the show you should have a pretty clear idea which marketing effort was the winner.  This is great information for your advertising team to have to develop new campaigns.

I hope this gets your thoughts on the right track for your next trade show booth design or marketing event!