Blazer Exhibits – Why Should You Consider Renting a Trade Show Booth

Blazer Exhibits – Why Should You Consider Renting a Trade Show Booth Banner

Exhibiting in a trade show takes time and money to make happen. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is about how you can exhibit at the trade show itself. Should you rent or buy your exhibit? There is no right or wrong answer here, only what is right for you at the time. There are a lot of great benefits to renting a trade show booth, and it’s certainly worth considering. Check out these reasons why. 

Trade Show Booth Rental: The Pros

The pros far outweigh the cons, but you will find there are both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros first. 

No Large Capital Expenditure

Buying a trade show booth outright can get really expensive really fast. It’s certainly a significant investment. Large capital expenditures typically require quite a bit of administration, processing, and paperwork. 

But if you will just be renting this booth, you don’t have to worry about all that large capital expenditure nonsense. It’s just an expense. 

Ease of Shipping and Storage

Where are you going to put that booth in between trade shows? Chances are it’s pretty large, so it’s going to need sizable storage. Not only that, but you’ve got to make sure it’s safe and protected too. 

When you rent, these booths are stored for you, and they are shipped well in advance to be there and prepared for your event. 

No Repairs or Maintenance Costs

That scratch on the surface or broken piece on an owned booth could be costly to repair. But when you rent a trade show booth, the company makes those repairs for you. You don’t have to worry about the cost. 

Custom Trade Show Booth at a Lower Cost

Rental booths don’t have to be boring or generic. You can get a rental booth that is just as customized and perfected to your needs as if you bought a custom-made booth. 

A Different Look at Each Show

Another great thing about a rented booth is you can always change it up easily. You’re not stuck with the design you’ve taken to every other trade show you’ve attended. You can change it anytime you want! 

Trade Show Booth Rental: The Cons

Now, no solution will be perfect, so there are a few cons to be aware of as well. Take a look below. 

Can Be More Costly if You Exhibit at Many Shows

If you exhibit at a lot of shows, the costs of renting repetitively could quickly add up. In that case, it may be better to buy. Renting is best when you just have a few shows, or need to fill in for some shows. 

Wear and Tear

Since you’re using borrowed pieces that could be used by other people too, it’s possible that parts of the exhibit will show wear and tear. This is best countered by using a reliable company that cares about how your booth looks. 

Costs of Accessories

Adding different accessories and designs could increase the cost of your rental. This is particularly true of things like furniture that can be hard to find available, or be costly to use. 

Trade Show Booth Ownership: The Pros

There are pros to owning your own booth as well. For some, this may be the better option. Consider all details. 

Long-Term Cost Savings

If you plan to be very active with exhibits, it may be far more cost-friendly for you in the long-term to go ahead and invest in your own booth. Costs do add up on rentals. 

Control of All Details

Sometimes on rentals, you’re limited to what happens to be available at the time that you need it. This might cause you to have to make exceptions where you don’t really want to. You’re not in full control of the details, and for some people that is a challenge in itself. 


While you can add branding to rental trade show booths, you might be limited on how or where you can do so. When you own the exhibit, you can choose every aspect of brand representation, allowing you more customization. 

Trade Show Booth Ownership: The Cons

And, of course, there are some cons to ownership as well. Check these out. 

Initial Expense

The initial purchase of a custom trade show exhibit can be astronomical. It is a very large expense up front, and not all businesses can take on the cost. 

Lack of Flexibility

Once you choose a custom design and it’s built for you, there will be little change that can be made for you. While some adjustments might be feasible, there will be details that are not flexible at all. 

Responsibility for Storage, Shipping, Repairs, and Maintenance

Where are you going to store that massive exhibit? Shipping from your storage location to the trade show could be really costly. You will be responsible for repairs and maintenance as well, and these certainly add up. 

Compelling Reasons to Consider Renting a Trade Show Booth

Now that you’ve seen all sides of the story, these are the most compelling reasons you might consider renting a trade show booth: 

  1. Your current booth is looking pretty shabby. 
  2. Your current booth is no longer giving the message or vibe you want it to
  3. Your current trade show booth is too small for your needs
  4. Your current trade show booth is too large for your needs
  5. You need an extra booth for a big trade show event
  6. You need another booth for conflicting scheduled events
  7. Your booth was lost in transit
  8. Your trade show booth is difficult to set up

Rent Your Next Trade Show Booth from Blazer Exhibits and Events

If renting a trade show booth seems like the best solution for you, Blazer Exhibits and Events is here to help. We’ve been serving the industry for more than 35 years and have learned how to get the details just right. 

Renting with us allows you full customization, but leaves us in charge of the major details. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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