The Blazer KLIK™ magnetic display trade show exhibiting system

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The Blazer KLIK™ magnetic trade show display is a truly unique system for trade show exhibiting. The tension fabric structure separates itself from other booths by utilizing a magnetic connection grid system that allows you to attach shelving, graphics, and other accessories without permanent fixtures that protrude through your fabric frame. This leaves a clean blemish free graphic surface once the accessories or graphics are removed.

Most tension fabric displays are composed of a lightweight aluminum frame and a pillowcase (or similar) graphic that covers the structure, or is tension pressed into the aluminum extrusion channels.  This does not allow for any accessories to be fixed to the tension graphic surface. Any shelves, literature holders that you would like to accompany a traditional fabric exhibit  have to be supplied as separate as stand-alone units, or worse yet, holes have to be cut into your fabric graphics to allow them to attach to the framework.

Not so with the KLIK™ magnetic display system! The KLIK™ system allows you to attach all KLIK™ shelving literature holders peg boards and tablet holders and graphics without separate stands or support structures- keeping your exhibit looking clean and without obstructions.


How does the KLIK™ system hold everything in place?

Now you may be wondering “how can this hold anything without falling?” No need to worry! The KLIK™ magnetic display system has a strength beyond its clean attachment free appearance. The KLIK™ displays use a lightweight magnetic framework grid system with customizable attachment points and plates to effortlessly place your shelving, graphics, pegboards and other accessories without causing fabric sag. The shelving units alone can hold 25 lbs each.  As you can see these two bowling balls are perched upon an acrylic shelving unit with no support.


Styles of KLIK™ magnetic display accessories

The expanding line of retail accessories include staples needed for retail style of exhibiting and also for sturdy high-tech display shelving. Some of the accessories such as peg boards, perforated metal, dry erase boards and graphics all can be custom shaped to your specific needs. These all connect on the trade show booth surface without causing fabric sag or distortion.

blazer klik accessories

KLIK™ magnetic display graphics

Graphic panels for the KLIK™ tension fabric display system can be created form a number of different materials. Custom printed substrates ranging from foam board, metal, and custom colored acrylics are just the tip of the iceberg. Have an idea? Give your Blazer Exhibits and Events sales representative a call and we can go through the multitudes of substrate options to get you the perfect group set for your show. Our direct print technology allows just about any type of flat material to become a printed graphic as well!

The KLIK™ magnetic display advantages

Since the KLIK™ magnetic exhibiting system utilizes printed fabric and a sturdy aluminum framework, it can be broken down into small parts to store and ship easily. Not to mention it is extremely lightweight due to the fabric and aluminum base structure allowing for portability and ease of transport.  This will save you valuable money when it comes time for shipping.

What sizes KLIK™ magnetic display system are available?

The KLIK™ magnetic display system can be created to fit any of your exhibiting spaces. 10×10, 10×20 island – not a problem! Just about any size can be custom built to your specifications!  Just give your sales representatives here at Blazer Exhibits and Events a call to discuss your exhibiting options at 1 (408) 263-7000 and we will get you KLIK-ing in no time!

island KLIK trade show display

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