Blazer News Roundup: February 12, 2013

Blazer News Roundup: February 12, 2013 Banner

This is the first post in what will be a regular series collecting the various pieces of news and important event happenings that are relevant to the trade show industry. We want to bring out interesting, funny and intriguing news bits and ideas that we see all of the time across the web from various sources. So, that’s why we’re starting the Blazer News Roundup, to provide you with some of the more interesting little tidbits that come across the news wire. Without further ado, here is the first installment of the Blazer News Roundup with some of the most interesting articles and news briefs that we have come across in the past week.

TSSN Makes a List of 21 Things You Never Want to Hear In Your Trade Show Booth

These 21 quips are sure to strike some fear and panic into the hearts of any trade show exhibit designers. The list is broken into three categories: during exhibit set up, during the show and after the show. Many of these statements have to do with exhibit set up issues or other problems with trade show displays las vegas. We won’t reprint the entire list here, but here are a few highlights:

“We can’t find your shipping containers.”
“Your trade show booth breaks 3 trade show booth size regulations.”
“Is that a typo on your booth graphics?”
“According to our lawyers, your new product infringes on our patent.”
“So, what is it that your company does?”

Check out the original article, here. Reports That They Collapsed Their 2-Story Exhibit On Purpose

In a press release, the trade show design company (part of Midland Display Products), reports that a collapse of one of their 2-story trade show displays was done intentionally. Apparently, it was some kind of publicity stunt, designed to attract attention to the fact that their new collapsible truss technology allows quick disassembly and transport, making exhibit set up more easy and providing for a more mobile exhibit. The only problem is that some of the onlookers may not have gotten the memo that the collapse was intentional, which may actually have hurt their brand.

World’s Heaviest Trade Show: World of Concrete Wraps Up In Las Vegas

The numbers for this year’s event were up compared to 2012, with nearly 3,000 more attendees and another 50,000 square feet of exhibiting space for the various concrete and masonry construction companies that were there to show off their wares. Though concrete, bricks and masonry don’t lend themselves as much to easy exhibit set up, self-collapsing mobile exhibits or any of that fancy modular jazz, there were still a number of impressive trade show displays to be seen, including U.S. Air Force mobile civil engineering units called RED HORSE (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers). These squadrons are designed to provide mobile construction capabilities in hostile areas, to assist the U.S. Air Force in repair and recovery of aircraft.

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