Rental vs Purchase. When it is time to choose, you may find the options are more versatile than you think.

Making the right decision when choosing to rent or purchase an exhibit might be confusing. The Blazer Exhibits and Events professionals can show you all the benefits of each choice.

the option of light-weight and very large exhibiting options does not have to be stressful. Fabric exhibits are both cost saving and have a lot of punch as an exhibiting option.


Practical advice, exhibiting tips, and quality pointers on how to make your next event the most successful it can be.

CES 2021 and The future of Electronics

The Las Vegas trade show industry as a whole continues to expand and grow at a healthy pace, but all of that growth is dwarfed by the sheer popularity of tech-focused trade shows, including the mother of all the big expos: International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). CES, which started nearly 60 years ago, has continued […]

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Large Format Trade Show Graphics

Before it was Blazer Exhibits & Events, it was Blazer Exhibits & Graphics. Not only are we experts in the Trade Show Exhibiting Industry, but we are also experts in making those structures look outstanding with large format visuals both digital and printed. Sometimes, many of our clients do not realize that Blazer Exhibits and […]

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Graphics Should Be a Critical Part of Your Trade Show Exhibit. This Is Why They Are so Important.

Most everyone in the trade show and event industry has seen great trade show booths at some point. Chances are you have also seen exhibits that the younger generation would call “Epic fails.” Both have common threads you can analyze. What is surprising is how much effort businesses into their show presence with custom and […]

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Custom Trade Show Exhibits – The Ultimate Marketing Platform

Deciding to jump in and have a custom built trade show platform designed for your upcoming events is a big step. We want to help make that experience a really fun and fruitful investment in your marketing. If you are a trade show manager, you probably have your hands full with requests for upcoming trade […]

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Ways to Seize Underfoot Opportunities

The Exhibitor Magazine has put together a great article on the advantages you can gain by utilizing your trade show exhibit flooring as an influencing element in your exhibit space. Here are just a few of the great highlights from their insightful and educational take on flooring. The “Fifth Wall of Exhibit Design Many designers […]

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What Trade Show Display Rental Options Are Available for Your Company?

Renting a trade show booth is a great way to reduce your costs and lower the barrier of entry to exhibiting at a trade show, especially as a first-time exhibitor. One of the most common misconceptions about renting a booth is that it restricts your ability to customize your exhibit. In reality, there are numerous […]

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Custom Exhibit Design Trends

Custom Trade Show Booth Design To Increase Traffic   Trade show attendance is back on the rise so there has never been a better time to get out there and display your brand.  In doing so, businesses should be highly focused on the design of their exhibit. The trade show displays that stand out are more […]

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Why Motivating Your Staff Matters

Putting a lot of emphasis on your trade show displays before a show is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but don’t overlook the importance of a happy staff. Let’s face it, most employees really don’t want to pick the short straw when it comes to attend a trade show. Shows […]

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Navigating Trade Shows As An Attendee

Setting up a trade show booth display can mean an excellent networking and lead generation opportunity for your business, but sometimes attending a show just to see what’s happening in your industry is worthwhile. Some trade shows can be a tad overwhelming, so it’s best to go into a show with a plan in mind. […]

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How to Tell If You Need a New Logo

Imagine being at a 5K race. You usually get a free T-shirt with the names and companies that are sponsoring. If you were to see a logo with only two letters, what would that mean? If you can’t figure it out, maybe you aren’t the target market. Ask a racer next to you, will they […]

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