Rental vs Purchase. When it is time to choose, you may find the options are more versatile than you think.

Making the right decision when choosing to rent or purchase an exhibit might be confusing. The Blazer Exhibits and Events professionals can show you all the benefits of each choice.

the option of light-weight and very large exhibiting options does not have to be stressful. Fabric exhibits are both cost saving and have a lot of punch as an exhibiting option.


Practical advice, exhibiting tips, and quality pointers on how to make your next event the most successful it can be.

Expo Spotlight: National FFA Convention & Expo

Farming is a very big part of our country’s history, and with an ever-growing population, it’s even more important to feed the people today. With numerous technological advances in the field of farming, it’s important future generations are shown all that the field has to offer, and how different it is than the vision most […]

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The North Coast Wine Industry Expo

If you are part of the wine industry, you can’t miss the second largest wine industry show in America – The North Coast Wine Industry Expo. This annual event draws thousands of industry experts from all over the United States, and this year event organizers expect the turnout to be well into the thousands. There […]

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Tradeshow Logistics: How to Get It All There In One Piece

Making sure that you have the best tradeshow booths possible is really important, but those won’t do you any good if all of the pieces don’t arrive together, on time, or intact. Believe it or not, tradeshow logistics can be difficult to coordinate, so make sure that you have it all in one place (or […]

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Top Email Subject Lines

Part of marketing for an upcoming tradeshow includes sending out emails to customer lists, and sending out emails to customers that you’d like to target (or just to let those people know that you are attending a show soon). But the one issue with sending out unsolicited emails is getting people to actually open up […]

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Unusual Trade Shows

If there is an industry for it, chances are there’s a trade show to go along with it. You can find expos highlighting products in just about any industry imaginable – from healthcare to manufacturing, and everything between. That means you can find some strange trade shows out there, and although one would wonder who in […]

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Expo Spotlight: AmCon

When you are an engineer or buyer in the manufacturing industry, it can be difficult to find suppliers in the most cost-effective way possible. Sure, you could hit the internet and search the top companies, traveling all over the nation in search of the best deal, but then are you getting a great deal? You’re […]

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Michigan: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

If you are in the automotive industry and will be or are willing to travel to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, you won’t want to miss the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, happening from September 16-18. Wander the endless trade show displays featuring the latest innovations and technologies in the world of […]

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Expo Spotlight: Abilities Expo, Boston

If you are in the disability industry, you can’t miss the Abilities Expo that will be happening in Boston, Massachusetts, from September 5th to 7th. Whether you’re someone who is disabled, you have a loved one who is disabled, or you work in the healthcare field, there’s bound to be something for you at the […]

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San Francisco’s Less Beaten Path: 7 Amazing Things to Do

It’s fair to say that San Francisco boasts the most trade shows in the U.S. If you plan on attending a show in San Francisco in the near future, chances are that you’ll be looking for some things to do during your downtime. There are, of course, many famous things to do in the area, […]

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The San Francisco Body Art Expo

From September 5th to 7th the San Francisco Body Art Expo will be running, and it’s where you need to be if you are in the body art business. What’s this expo all about? Here’s a closer look. More Than An Average Tradeshow A stale hall filled with boring trade show displays is definitely not […]

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