Rental VS Purchase
Rental vs Purchase. When it is time to choose, you may find the options are more versatile than you think.

Making the right decision when choosing to rent or purchase an exhibit might be confusing. The Blazer Exhibits and Events professionals can show you all the benefits of each choice.

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the option of light-weight and very large exhibiting options does not have to be stressful. Fabric exhibits are both cost saving and have a lot of punch as an exhibiting option.

Practical advice, exhibiting tips, and quality pointers on how to make your next event the most successful it can be.

Customized rental exhibits can be the perfect solution for your show

Let us take a look at the upcoming exhibiting year and more importantly – what rental display options you have, and how you can save an enormous amount of money with a fully customized design of your choosing. Things have exponentially improved in the past few years within the rental display market. So much so […]

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SHOT Show 2022 Las Vegas Nevada January 18 – 21, 2022

The 2022 SHOT Show will be the largest to date, and there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming event The 44th Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show is on target to continue as planned. The 2022 SHOT Show will be held January 18-21 at The Venetian Expo and the all-new Caesars Forum. To […]

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Exhibiting at CES 2022

Chances are that If you’re involved in technology, IOT, software, or anything related to or supporting tech, you may be considering exhibiting at CES in 2022. If you do not already know (which you probably do) CES is one of the largest trade shows in the nation and will draw thousands of consumers to the […]

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How to get the most out of your exhibit rental options

It does not matter what size exhibit rental you are in need of. From even the smallest 10×10 exhibit to larger island and 30×40 and larger exhibits, rental booths are much more exciting and functional now than ever. Things have exponentially improved over the last handful of years with the rental display market. So much […]

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Why an Exhibit Rental May be the Ideal Solution for You

Attending as an exhibitor at a trade show or event can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences you can invest in as a company. There are a variety of benefits to attending one of these amazing events with your booth, however, the fact is that it can be quite an intimidating undertaking […]

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Rental Display Options For Your Upcoming Trade Shows

Rental display are becoming more popular and diverse throughout the industry and finding the solution that fits your needs is critical. More importantly – what exhibiting options you have, and how you can save an enormous amount of money with a fully customized design of your choosing. Things have exponentially improved over the last handful […]

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The dynamic MultiQuad modular exhibiting system that does it all.

It has been a while since we have posted any information on some of our more dynamic modular exhibiting systems and now seems like the perfect time to go over one of the more unique offerings the trade show industry has seen in recent years. The MultiQuad exhibiting system takes a different approach to the […]

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Exhibit Rental vs. Purchase

The truth is, that for many companies, renting an exhibit versus purchasing makes all the sense in the world. With boundless design options and a variety of competitive solutions…

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2017 Florida Health Care Association Annual  Convention – FHCA LTC Trade Show Booth Designs in Orlando, FL

Caring for people with people with a chronic illness or disability for over a long period of time is solutioned by long-term care (LTC). It is a variety of services, which help meet the medical and non-medical needs offered by different medical organizations such as the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA). On July 31 – […]

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Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit Rentals at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association – RLSPA Conference 2017

Putting up a restaurant business is a feat for people who are strong-willed and has the acuity and strong entrepreneurial skills. Needless to say, it is not for everyone. The restaurant business has its pros and cons, which need to be in taken into careful consideration. On July 30 – August 2, the Restaurant Loss […]

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Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas Coming to the Affiliate Summit East 2017 in New York

Early next year, more than 6,000 digital marketers will gather from all parts of the world in Las Vegas, NV for the performance marketing industry’s premier global event, Affiliate Summit West 2018. This is a major event and as early as now, trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas are preparing for it by joining […]

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New York, NY trade Show Rentals Unveils the JA International Jewelry Show

Diamonds are a women’s best friend. That saying is a little cliché and may sound negative for some but it also illustrates the people’s fascination over jewelry and precious stones.  That saying is actually a marketing statement back in the days used by a company that sells diamonds and jewelry. Nowadays, a lot of things have […]

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The Gerontological Society of America Will Rent Trade Show Booths in San Francisco, CA for the IAGG 2017

All humans will grow old at some our lives. That is just the natural order of things. However, it is always a welcome development if the aging process can be made more bearable and a lot easier to deal with through the advancements in science and technology. Gerontology is the study of the aging process […]

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Leverage Audience Exposure on Call Center Week with Las Vegas Trade Show Rentals

The contact or call center industry has become crucial in fostering great customer relations, establishing market presence, as well as doing after sales follow ups. Recent data showed that about 60 percent of the world’s call center organizations are located in the US. The industry is led by health care providers, financial services, and sales […]

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Providing a Mobile Device Oasis at Your Booth

Both attendees and exhibitors can most likely all attest to the fact that internet access provided by convention centers for its guests is spotty at best. With everyone in attendance trying to look for deals on their smartphone, search their emails for coupon codes and special deals, using their GPS to find dining away from […]

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