Body Art Expo In Austin Shows Off Tattoos And More

Body Art Expo In Austin Shows Off Tattoos And More Banner

It seems there is an expo for just about every hobby, passion and interest these days to say nothing of the myriad trade shows and events for all types of industries. If there is one thing that Americans like to do, it is get together to share their passions, interests and business with one another.

Today, we’re going to spotlight the recent Body Art Expo which just wrapped up this past weekend in Austin, Texas. Although not a trade show per se. The Austin Body Art Expo did feature trade show booths, but rather than have them stocked with promotional materials and companies waiting to showcase their latest and greatest, these booths featured various tattoo artists showcasing their work and their art, and in some cases even providing free samples to the interested attendees.

Tattoos have been popular in the US now for the better part of the last half century and they are showing no sign of slowing down. In fact body adornments of all kinds are seeing an increased popularity. But, the focus at the recent Body Art expo was squarely on ink. There were a number of high profile tattoo artists who were showcasing their work and trying to raise their own status within this still somewhat niche community.

The trade show was started by a tattoo artist named Baba Austin a decade ago and this is the first time that the roving show has come to Austin, Texas. Austin said that the town lived up to its expectation for being the ‘weirdest’ town in Texas.

“The reputation that your town has of Austin being weird, the New York of Texas, you guys have really lived up to it,” he said. “A very eclectic variety of people here,” he told local news station YNN. With trade show booths featuring some very impressive, and much decidedly weird tattoo art, the show certainly brought some weirdness to Austin itself, which made everyone feel right at home.

If you are in Texas and want to get a glimpse of this show, you just missed the Austin version, but it will be stopping in Houston next weekend.

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