Brand Ambassadors: How to Find Them

Brand Ambassadors: How to Find Them Banner

Companies like Nike have it made. There are thousands of people more than willing to wear a Nike t-shirt or a pair of shoes with that familiar ‘Swoosh.’ But even billion dollar companies like Nike have to hire and keep hiring brand ambassadors. Otherwise, the company might fizzle and fade if sports figures no longer sport and promote the Nike brand.

Brand ambassadors have always been around, but I’m going to argue that these people are easier than ever before to find and hire. Why? Because there are so many minor celebrities circulating these days, and all it takes is a really clever marketing brain to make it all happen.

Defining Your Ambassador

CC Image courtesy of Derek Gavey via Flickr

The first step towards finding the person you want to hire to represent your brand (or persons) is to really narrow down your target market. This is often the hardest part for new businesses, but I’m sure that you have some idea of the type of person that will want to use and buy your product. Who do you see wearing your clothing or using what you’re selling?

The next step is to figure out where those people hang out. More often than not, you will find a large group of these people on a popular social networking site like Instagram or Twitter. There are probably groups of these people all using the same hashtags, and all looking for more of what they love.

Here’s an example: if you selling fitness products, you have to tap into the #fitfam hashtag on Instagram. From there, you will find a very large market. Now, what you have to do next is find a few people that are followed by thousands of other people, and ask those people to be your brand ambassadors.

Since social media celebrities don’t usually come with agents and aren’t typically high-priced (unless they are notable sponsored athletes, and then you’ll have to increase your marketing budget), you can work out very reasonable deals with these people. Once that happens – voila! – thousands of Instagram users will start seeing your products in photos galore.

Linking It All Together

So now you have a brand ambassador or two, and you’ve gained a lot of clients through these people. Your job isn’t done! Connect the photos that these ambassadors are taking of your product to your next trade show appearance. How? Through slideshows, photographs, and other multi-media imagery. There’s a bonus here too: all of those people that follow your ambassadors are likely snapping their own photos of your product – why not turn it into a trade show contest of some kind?

The idea here is to combine your ambassadors, social media accounts, and trade show exhibits into one beautiful marketing package. The best part is, too, that most social media celebrities (and believe me, this is a real thing) are affordable, and more than willing to hook up with a brand for the sake of their own marketing – clever, right? If you have a business and you need some recognition, try the brand ambassador route – and, remember, even companies like Nike have to reach out to spokespeople to keep a brand going.

How Blazer Can Help

If you have ambassadors, images, and marketing ideas, we can put it all together in the form of a really amazing trade show exhibit for your company. Imagine image trade show displays, some kind of interactive or touch trade show displays, and display booths that really set your company apart – if you can get your ambassadors to show up at the show, even better! Blazer can put all of your marketing pieces together by creating custom trade show displays that will be hard to bypass. Call us today to speak with our design team, or call for more information about our display booths and what we can do for you. When it comes to marketing, it’s really all about getting the word out!

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