How to Build the Best Sales Team

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Who do you want behind your trade show exhibits? Experts recommend a mix of sales people and regular staffers that aren’t trained to sell, but the right sales team can close any deal. The trick is putting together a sales team that stuns. If you’re in the process of building a sales team that will be a part of your trade show exhibit, here are some top tips.

  • Take a look at the numbers: one good way – but not the only way by any means – to find the sales person on your team that makes most of the good stuff happen is to look at productivity numbers. The person that sells the most may be your strongest asset. Then again, that person has to be liked by the customers he services.
  • Consider customer opinion: since sales people often work on commission, they tend to pay more attention to larger clients while alienating smaller clients. This isn’t a good thing if you want to keep all of the clients that come your way, and you should. The best people to have on your team need to have it all – top sales records combined with great customer service.
  • Are they likeable? You might have a sales guy that has amazing records, but that person might be hated by the rest of the office. When it comes to manning your trade show exhibits or just being a part of a great team, your sales people have to get along and motivate each other.
  • When hiring new salespeople, make sure that you choose someone that’s a good match for your company. Most sales reps that have been in this business for a long time have a good game, but some of them might be in the wrong field. For example: it takes a lot of different kind of sales talent to sell pharmaceuticals than it does to sell transportation. Know the salespeople you are hiring, and decide if they are truly a good fit.
  • Make your compensation easy to understand. Salespeople are in it for the money, and since they will be the face of your company, that money should be good. But, far too many companies offer compensation that’s convoluted. It might make sense when your accountant breaks it down, but it’s probably going to confuse any new hire unless you can explain it properly.
  • Hiring from within: if you have to hire a salesperson by choosing someone that’s already part of your team, look for the person that’s the most liked by your clients and your team. IT will also pay to hire someone with good intuition that won’t alienate people or embarrass you or give your company a bad name.
  • Sometimes, a sense of humor is a good thing. If you currently work in a really quiet office with a sales team that isn’t great, you could be hiring the wrong people. Hire someone that’s outgoing and loud to shake things up – you’ll quickly see how a motivating person can change the whole workplace atmosphere.

Your Trade Show Booth Lineup

When it comes to trade show booth staff, put in your A team. The guys that make all the sales and get all the clients are the ones to add to your booth staff. These people don’t have to be the only trade show booth staff, but they should take the reigns. After all, they are used to working with people daily.

Contact Blazer for a trade show booth that’s entirely unique and customized, and let us know if there’s any element you’d like to see as part of your trade show booth. Getting a great sales team together isn’t hard, but it does take some work!

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