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When it comes to the trade show, most people never give their business card a second thought. But, not thinking about the card that you plan to hand out to hundreds of people is a bad idea. If you are still handing out the same cards you had ten years ago, it’s time for an upgrade. Take a look at these business card tips.

  1. Be unique! Really, a card that just lists your name and email or phone number isn’t going to stand out at all.
  2. Try to show off your skills. Are you a writer? Why not put some actual words on a card, or use something like raised ink. Are you a designer? Show off your design skill by putting your best work on your card. Make people remember who you are and what you do by creating a card that really stands out.
  3. Think about getting a card that’s actually something else. Like what? Like the Lego cards that got a lot of press when they were shown off.
  4. Be true to what you sell. Do you bake cakes? Why not choose a scented card, or a card that includes packets of sugar, or something else that will remind people of what you do.
  5. Make it useful. Wouldn’t it be nice if business cards were as useful as all of those other promotional items?
  6. Go the transparent route. There’s a bit of a transparent trend happening right now, and these clear cards are simply fun to play around with – plus, people aren’t likely to forget about a card that’s see through.
  7. Pick a different shape. Who says that business cards have to be square? Why not pick one that’s shaped like something pertaining to your business (a dog if you are a dog walker, for example), or choose a card that’s just plain unique.

Are Paper Cards Out?

If you ask some people, paper business cards are a thing of the past, and that might be the case if you go with a traditional square option. But, a card that doubles as something like a tool or other unique item will be useful, just as those promotional items are. It can also be argued that paper cards will never go out of style because it gives you something to actually hand to people, and people like to walk away from a booth with something tangible in hand.

Another key idea is to tie your business cards in with your exhibit booths design. If you can make everything that you bring to an event the same color, or include similar elements, your whole pitch will look better and unique. If you aren’t sure what to put on your exhibit booths or how to design your display, let us help you with those details. Just as your card should be unique, so should your trade show display. You may even discover a way to connect your card with your trade show display, so that the two are not inseparable.

Where to Find the Cards

Now that you have some great ideas for new cards and for a trade show display, you may be wondering where to get those cards. The best way to go about finding a new business card that stands out is to work with a professional design team. If you just order regular cards, you will be getting the same cards as most other people, and there’s nothing unique about that, right? Take a look around the internet, try to find a designer that can really blow your mind with a unique card set, and stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions about trade show booth design, make sure to give us a call too!

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