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CES 2022: Planning for your next big event

Timing is critical for trade show planning. There can be little room for error in particular for more popular trade show venues. Here’s an exhibiting task schedule to help you stay ahead of the deadlines. When you are planning for a trade show or event of any size, the logistical details may seem overwhelming at […]

Exhibiting at CES 2022

Chances are that If you’re involved in technology, IOT, software, or anything related to or supporting tech, you may be considering exhibiting at CES in 2022. If you do not already know (which you probably do) CES is one of the largest trade shows in the nation and will draw thousands of consumers to the […]

A Brief Introduction to Virtual Exhibiting

You may have started hearing about exhibiting virtually over the last few months due to the current state of the industry. With most venues closed for the foreseeable future, many businesses are shifting towards an online experience that functions in a similar manner. At a glance, the thought of exhibiting online may seem a bit […]

Adjusting your working environment to current standards

There is no doubt that today’s working environments have a new set of challenges to overcome. Finding a starting block to set your footing may be a hurdle as well. Blazer Exhibits can tailor solutions that are temporary, portable, or permanent based on your current needs. Over 35 years of industry experience Blazer Exhibits and […]

Providing a Mobile Device Oasis at Your Booth

Both attendees and exhibitors can most likely all attest to the fact that internet access provided by convention centers for its guests is spotty at best. With everyone in attendance trying to look for deals on their smartphone, search their emails for coupon codes and special deals, using their GPS to find dining away from […]

Expos Around the World: Philconstruct

What’s happening around the world in the trade show industry? Being held in Manila located in the Luzon region of the Philippines, from November 5th to 8th at three separate venues – the SMX Convention Center Manila, World Trade Center Metro Manila, and the Philippine Trade Training Center – is Philconstruct. This expo represents the […]

Social Media and Sales: Why It’s a Match Made in Heaven

If you’re one of those sales professionals that is sick of hearing how social media can benefit you greatly, I have to break the news to you: social media is one of the most powerful tools in terms of boosting sales. Stop being annoyed, and start paying attention – who couldn’t use a substantial boost […]

How to Hire a Logo Designer

At some point in your business career, you are going to need to hire a graphic designer. From logos to nearly everything else you put on your site or marketing materials, graphics speak volumes about your company. So it makes sense that you should be very picky about the designer that you hire, but that […]

Before the Conference Opens: Setting Up Your Booth

Exhibition design is tricky. If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow hall pre-show, you’ve seen what I’m talking about. The scene kind of looks like this: a giant empty warehouse full of crates, boxes, cranes, and people on top of very high places trying to hoist giant signs and other things to specific spots. Nothing […]

Expo Spotlight: GRAPH Expo, Chicago

If you are in the graphic communications industry, you’ll certainly want to check out the GRAPH Expo 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. It runs from September 28 to October 1, and will feature tradeshow displays from the most innovative companies in the industry, the latest and greatest products, technologies, and services available to […]

Landing Pages and Trade Show Marketing

It’s really tough to convince small business owners of the importance of the Internet. Most know that some kind of website is necessary, but trying to sell content or SEO to someone that lives in the retail world is nearly impossible. Yet, all things internet are directly linked to all things at the trade show, […]

How to Make Your Pitch Perfect

I’m going to venture a guess and state that one of the most difficult things for you to do is to pitch your company or services to someone over the phone or at a show. Why this guess? Because pitching is the number one concern of any small business owner. There are a multitude of […]

Intro to the Webinar: A Valuable Marketing Tool

Webinars are very useful tools because they let you show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. A webinar can also be used as an engagement tool, or to capture email leads. In fact, there are a myriad of purposes for the webinar (including integrating it with a custom exhibit). Finding out what […]

Tablets at Tradeshows: Why It Makes Sense

Tablet usage is exploding all across the world. Using tablets in a trade show setting make a good deal of sense for a number of excellent reasons. Your exhibit design should include a tablet or two – here’s why. 1. People are more familiar with tablets than they are with paper, laptops, or most other […]

Website Help: What Google Wants

Trying to chase the Google update dragon can drive a person mad. Google sends out updates regularly, and these often cause a lot of panic amongst SEO specialists. But, you’ll need to attract attention to your website if you want to start generating email leads, gathering clients, or even just getting people to read what […]