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Taking the “tension” out of tension fabric exhibits

There have always been a lot of questions when the idea of a tension fabric exhibits is brought up during a discovery meeting with a potential or current client. The question of whether the idea is a viable way to exhibit at any particular show especially when the exhibit is on the larger side? Will it look […]

The Blazer KLIK™ magnetic display trade show exhibiting system

The Blazer KLIK™ magnetic trade show display is a truly unique system for trade show exhibiting. The tension fabric structure separates itself from other booths by utilizing a magnetic connection grid system that allows you to attach shelving, graphics, and other accessories without permanent fixtures that protrude through your fabric frame. This leaves a clean blemish free graphic […]

Hanging tension fabric signs for your next trade show exhibit

Hanging Tension Fabric Signs When you think of hanging fabric the first thing that probably goes through your mind is a branded circular or square.  At any given trade show, you see these in tandem with island and other larger exhibiting structures.  These are a great way to get your corporate logo high and visible […]