CES Goes Even More International, Expands To Paris And Tel Aviv

CES Goes Even More International, Expands To Paris And Tel Aviv Banner

CES is known as the premier consumer electronics trade show and, although, the largest version of the expos is held in Las Vegas each year, there are also slightly smaller expos that have been held at other locations around the globe as part of the trade show’s efforts to make itself more international and more open to manufacturers and companies from other parts of the globe.

CES International, as these collective expos are known, already has locations and regular shows in London, New York and the aforementioned trade show in Las Vegas. Now, however, the popular consumer electronics show will be expanding to two more locations and broadening its reach even further.

CES International has announced that it will be opening events in two new locations: Paris and Tel Aviv. The new locations are part of an effort to expand the reach of the popular expos, which is called International CES Unveiled. At least initially, the new shows will be smaller in size and scope than the other expos. They will be designed to provide a sampling of the show’s offerings at a more accessible scale as compared to the monstrous trade show that is the Las Vegas CES.

The Unveiled series of shows will also be designed to help promote new product launches and technology announcements from consumer electronics producers and manufacturers around the world. In this way, they will be focused more on news and product and technology releases than the other shows.

These new expos in Paris and Tel Aviv are also designed as trials. The shows will be accompanied by detailed product and market research which will enable the show organizers to determine the degree of interest in the expos and maximize their impact when siting the trade shows in the future.

More information about the new CES Unveiled series will be provided at the Las Vegas CES International trade show in January of next year.

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