Campus Technology Showcase: Chicago, IL’s Finest Trade Show 2017

Campus Technology Showcase: Chicago, IL’s Finest Trade Show 2017 Banner

Have you ever been to any of the Chicago, IL trade show displays?

Then, everything that is in this year’s 24th annual starting expo on July 17, is one of the biggest of Campus Technology. Many have mentioned it is the most innovative conference where higher education and technology are in one place.

The Campus Technology Conference brings together thought leaders from the fields of higher education and technology to explore innovative solutions and to develop effective strategies for campus administration, infrastructure, teaching and learning, and so many other facets of professional and future technology.

In the past, conference speakers and attendees include chief information officers, vice presidents of technology and other executives, as well as academic and technology professionals who are working to manage resources effectively, build seamless networks, and create new educational and enterprise models for the future. Developed in consultation with members of an advisory board of academic and administrative experts from colleges and universities nationwide, each annual conference emphasizes strategic initiatives, technological innovations, emerging trends, hands-on workshop experiences, and opportunities for collaboration and partnership with industry leaders as well as within and among institutions.

Educational technology is “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. In practice, as technology continues to advance, virtual education is now the new campus education. Educational content, pervasively embedded in objects, it is all around the learner, who may not even be conscious of the learning process. Campus Technology celebrates everything that showcases talent, passion, and tech-savvy-ness.

People are always fond of the great Chicago, IL trade show displays which are featured in the Campus Technology – CT – Education Technology Conference this July 2017. Years and years, a multitude of fans and supporters for the students and professionals of the Education Technology Conference.

Campus Technology conferences cover a broad range of leading technologies for administration, communications, teaching and learning, infrastructure, research, and on community college and university campuses. Presenters address current and emerging applications of technology in education and provide models for implementation, best use practices, and strategies for effective technology leadership on campus.

Today’s operational environment in higher education demands accountability, so we are especially seeking presenters who can show how to link technology implementations with long-range institutional goals and impact the community. To reflect the latest trends in higher education technology, this year we are placing an emphasis on digital media in instruction, collaborative learning environments, mobile and social technologies on campus, and technology that connects campus networks and advances institutional transformation.

Many of the attendees have varied professional roles in higher education, but all campus technology leaders are inclined to the science and robotics, as well as an increased programming. Institutions who are now using advanced technologies to better their facilities are now moving also towards IT Leadership and Policy, as it keeps finding an opportunity to take a closer look at emerging trends and technologies impacting higher education. So, don’t miss out on visiting the website of Blazer Exhibits and Events for the latest and brightest Chicago, IL trade show displays ideas this year.

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