Choosing A Display For International Exhibiting

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Once you make that jump to exhibiting overseas, you will be able to open yourself up to marketing and promoting your company’s brand to international customers. However, you will also be opening yourself up to a whole host of logistical challenges that can make it more difficult to plan and execute a successful trade show appearance in a country other than your own.


An example showcasing to choose a display for international exhibiting with rental options.One of the biggest challenges that you will face in this situation is what to do about the trade show exhibit itself. There are essentially three options: transport a display stand or booth that you already own, purchase a new trade show exhibit with the intention of using it only once, or go the rental route.


Each of these have pro’s and con’s. Shipping your own trade show exhibit may offer you the ability to maintain consistency and keep a familiar feel to your exhibiting, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. You will likely have to deal with so much red tape from customs to taxes and the other myriad horrors of shipping across borders that it is usually an option that should only be exercised if you feel that you simply must have this particular display stand at your next international trade show.


The second option, building a new trade show exhibit from scratch and then discarding it, is great for the flexibility it gives you to tailor your display stand to your needs for that particular show. It is probably going to be cheaper than transporting an exhibit that you already have as well (unless that exhibit is a simple portable display stand). The only major downside is the fact that you will be essentially discarding the display afterward. This is about the epitome of waste in an industry that is struggling to achieve a new environmental consciousness as the shift towards more sustainable practices has made it quite aware of its not-so-eco-friendly tendencies.


However, even this concern can be mitigated if you act intelligently. Using reusable and recyclable materials, you can make it so that your new trade show exhibit doesn’t need to be just built and burned. It can be reused and recycled after the fact. This will likely cost you a bit more, so the question is do you want to spend the extra change.

Finally, you could choose a display stand rental and get the advantages of both the above options and few of the disadvantages. The only difference might be a slight reduction in the options that you have from a design standpoint. Essentially, this will likely be your best option unless you are really going for a high impact design, in which case you may require something more custom that would force you to choose one of the first two options.

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