Consider A Mobile Exhibit For Greater Impact

Consider A Mobile Exhibit For Greater Impact Banner

Trade show exhibits have typically been a static affair. The good ones have life to them: they blink, demand attention with eye-catching graphics, and utilize interactive displays and presentations to make the display more engaging to visitors. But, they are typically fixed in one spot on the trade show floor. Attendees have to come to you in this situation. You can’t come to them. But, what if there was a way to take your exhibit design to the next level and take advantage of a truly mobile exhibit?

Well, as a matter of fact there is. A new breed of exhibit is focused on being fully mobile and easily transported from place to place. Beyond the obvious increase in the ease of packing and exhibit set up for traditional trade shows, this new frontier of exhibit design, made possible by modular design techniques, could actually provide a truly mobile exhibit.

What are the advantages of such a setup? Well, imagine being able to take the show outside of the showroom floor and set up in various public areas or attend special events with your mobile exhibit in order to go to where your most important audience is and demonstrate your products and services. Does your company make high-quality apparel designed for construction workers? Why not, show up with your mobile exhibit at the job site and offer to allow workers to try your boots out? Do you want to promote your newest football video game? Try stopping by and letting the tailgaters at the game play a demo. The possibilities are truly overwhelming and having a truly mobile exhibit can allow you to take advantage of a whole host of options like this.

The mobile exhibit is characterized by design that makes the entire piece quick and simple for exhibit set up, as well as tear down. Typically, when you are taking your demonstration outside of the showroom floor, interactivity and engagement is even more crucial since you want the public (or your target audience) to be able to connect with your company’s products and services in a visceral and exciting way.

The novelty of seeing an interactive display like this in an environment where they aren’t traditionally expected will increase the impact on your audience as well. It’s hard to stand out from a crowd, even with very flashy exhibit design at the trade show, but when you are the only one setting up outside, you can’t help but draw attention.

So, next time you are trying to think of ideas which can let your company explore new promotional and marketing possibilities, consider the mobile exhibit.

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