Content Marketing And Trade Shows: A Match Made In Heaven

Content Marketing And Trade Shows: A Match Made In Heaven Banner

Trade shows are some of the best ways to market your company by getting your name out there in a big way. The reason why trade shows are so successful and exhibiting spots continue to be sought-after is largely because they represent a means of promotional marketing that is quickly going by the wayside. That is, of course, face-to-face marketing. And, as much as the future of marketing may be digital or online, there will always be a need for customers, clients and the companies they love to connect in person.

question marksTo that end, your trade show exhibits can provide you with a whole wealth of marketing opportunities and let you get yourself out there in your industry. But, the most effective way of promoting your brand with your trade show exhibits at the next show may actually be by melding the old school face-to-face marketing of the trade show with the new-school idea of ‘content marketing’.

What is this content marketing that we speak of? Well, it’s very simple really. Essentially, content marketing is providing content for customers that helps to promote your brand. It is oftentimes thought of as existing only in the realm of online marketing, but in fact it can be just as succesful i the real-world, face-to-face environment of your next trade show.

How might you integrate content marketing into your trade show exhibits? There are lots of ways. In fact, there are probably a lot of different tactics that you may have thought of that would be considered content marketing and you just didn’t know it.

For example, if you own a cupcake shop and decide to try to attract potential customers to your trade show exhibits with bright signage advertising a free cupcake cookbook, you are engaging in content marketing. If you are a bike store and you provide free tune-up’s to attendees who stop by, you are also engaging in content marketing.

Content marketing is not just reserved for the online gurus, it can be done just as effectively at the trade show exhibits at your next expo. Just don’t forget to create some effective signage to advertise whatever you are providing for customers.

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