McCormick Place Convention Center

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Chicago is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and plenty to do. If you’re heading to the McCormick Place to plan an event or attend an event, you’re going to love this town! Not only is the McCormick Place convention center located directly in the heart of downtown, it’s within walking distance from many different and fun things to do – including some of the best deep dish and stuffed pizza around! What’s the difference between the two? Well, if you’ve never been to Chicago, you’re in for a real food treat. Take a look at what this convention center has to offer (including surrounding food spots!).

This convention center spans 600,000 square feet, includes 173 meeting rooms, 4 ballrooms, assembly seating for 18,000 people, 3 theaters, and over 6,000 parking spaces. That’s a lot of room! Many couples that live in Chicago use this center to host weddings and other big events, and it’s also the ideal place to plan a conference or business meeting of any kind. Whether you want to set up a multimedia show or just attract customers with stand out exhibit design booths for McCormick Place, you’ll be able to do it all here. But, let’s talk about the food. During that convention or meeting (even wedding if you want to sneak out!), you’re going to need a bite to eat. Now, Chicago is not short on great food spots (this is a foodie town, after all), but you’ll want to test out both of the city’s famous pizza types. Since pizza is so big in Chicago, let’s jump into that category a bit more

The Original Pizzeria Uno: you may be familiar with the other Pizzeria Uno outlets across the country, but you have to try the original. The first Uno is the best one by far, and it’s where a lot of locals go to experience that deep-dish taste. Pizanos: does deep-dish butter crust sound good to you? If it does, Pizano’s is the place to go for certain. Don’t miss this deep-dish! Lou Malnati’s: here’s another great pizza spot – check out the various types of pie on this menu! What if pizza isn’t your thing? Don’t worry; Chicago has more than just great pizza! In fact, some of the best hotdogs that you’ll ever have will come from the Windy City. That’s right, hotdogs! It’s hard to pick a favorite hotdog spot, so you’ll have to test out a few – just don’t ask for ketchup or mustard on that dog! Chicagoans eat their hotdogs with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle, so give that a try. What is there to do around McCormick Place other than eat? Lots!

If you want a completely unique experience, head down to Navy Pier. This pier includes an indoor shopping center and movie theater. Outside, you’ll find amusement park rides including a Ferris wheel and other fun things to do. Make sure to grab some popcorn inside too, and check out the indoor botanical garden on the top floor (a great place to relax and go over your notes!). Hopefully, you’ll be visiting McCormick Place during the warmer months, so that you can enjoy Navy Pier, but the colder months offer many fun things to do in Chicago too. One of the best ways to really explore this town is on foot. While taxis are abundant, exploring your surroundings on your own will give you a whole different perspective. Chicago is a safe and clean town full of amazing shops, food, and interesting places to visit, so make sure to walk around a bit and stretch your legs after spending the day at a convention or business event.

If you are visiting Chicago in order to attend an event of some kind, you’ll need an expertly crafted booth to lure potential clients. This is where Blazer can help out. Custom trade show exhibit design for McCormick Place is what we do best. We can help you create an exhibit booth design for McCormick Place that really stands out, but, more importantly, showcases your message just the way that you want to display it. Why settle for a regular booth when you can have a highly customized booth? Your business is unique, and your event booth should be too. Exhibit booth design for Chicago trade shows means showing up with something that really wows the crowd. Ask us about our design options, booth styles, and other customized features. If you’re visiting Chicago’s McCormick Place for an event of any kind, don’t show up empty-handed. Bring your best with a booth that really rocks the place – and make sure to enjoy the many things that this town has to offer (you’ll be glad that you did!).

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