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Blazer Exhibits & Events Digital Wall coverings will transform your ordinary walls, ceilings, and windows into extraordinary works of art. Discover digital wall covering solutions that are engineered for durability, aesthetic appeal, and impact.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Blazer’s Graphic Division makes it easier than ever to create dramatic interior environments. Choose from a wide selection of wall covering designs and textures to stimulate the senses, enhance your message, and make a lasting impression!

Choose from 8 different textures that will match your existing wall texture:


Trade Route

Great Sail

GrottoCheyenneMatteAbaco BeachMongahello



Nassau Dunes





AB Sciex Corporate Lobby

Blazer Exhibits & Events teamed up with the marketing development team to create an exciting new welcome center for the AB Sciex corporate headquarters in Foster City, California.  The project took 4 months to complete with a large customer open house as the finishing touch on September 17, 2010.

Blazer Exhibits & Events Custom Corporate Lobby

The details of the project included a complete demolition of the existing interior followed by the design and installation of new custom elements for greater customer interaction and maximizing the brand awareness of the space both inside and out.

A large computerized sign-in area created a focal point upon entry.  Flanking left and right of the sign-in area were large plasma monitors, literature distribution areas and other storage spaces.  New doors, ceilings, lighting and flooring finished off the space to tie all the elements together.  Behind all of the fabricated elements were custom printed wallpaper graphics utilizing direct print technology.  Elements of this project were fabricated both on and off site and collectively installed just prior to the open house.

Blazer Exhibits & Events Custom Corporate Lobby Interior CenterBlazer Exhibits & Events Custom Corporate Lobby

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