Creating Effective Signage For Your Trade Show Booth

Creating Effective Signage For Your Trade Show Booth Banner

When you are exhibiting, you often will want some auxiliary pieces that can augment your trade show booth and draw attention to your little section of the show floor while adding a bit more aesthetic appeal. Signage is one of the best ways to do this. Whether you are taking advantage of a floor standing banner or hanging a 360-degree sign from the rafters, there are enough cool ideas for eye-catching signs and display graphics that you should definitely give them a second look.


Like anything, signage can be done well and it can be done, um, not so well. The difference largely depends on two factors: establishing a coherent design hierarchy and working within an appealing color scheme. Both of these factors are important because they dictate how aesthetically appealing any signage will make your trade show booth and how effective any messaging displayed on the signs and the booth will be.


In establishing a clean design hierarchy you want to make sure that you have simple messaging that isn’t cluttered or overly-detailed. Ideally, there should be one primary message or sign which all of the other signage merely augments or refers to. This makes it so people are not overwhelmed by the amount of information and detail at your trade show booth before they even get near it.


It’s also important to make sure that you use signage to make your messaging visible at various distances. The closer an individual gets, the more messaging and detailed information should be available to them on the signage or on the trade show booth itself.


As for color, well, simply put it’s not as simple as we can describe in a few paragraphs and often depends on what you are going for, but basic rules still apply, especially for signage. For instance you should make sure that you are using colors that contrast enough that your signs are easy to read and understand. Orange on red or purple on blue are a couple combinations that should be avoided, for example.


For more information on selecting effective signage for your trade show booth, send us an email or give us a call at Blazer Exhibits & Events.

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