Creating Memorable Trade Show Exhibit Experience with These 5 Display Ideas

Creating Memorable Trade Show Exhibit Experience with These 5 Display Ideas Banner

A memorable trade show exhibit experience is one that incorporates certain well-executed design elements to create a lasting impression on the audience. While the design is dependent on particular industries or niches, there are certain universal guidelines that cut across and are crucial to creating an impact. When creating your custom trade show displays, here are five things you should always consider.

  1. Make good use of lighting

While you may have the best-designed trade show exhibit booth, without proper lighting no one will notice. The lighting in your venue may be poor or underlit, which places you at a disadvantage. Prior preparation will help you overcome these limitations. Lighting is a crucial element of design and helps attract attention to your booth. When used creatively, lighting can create an unexpected buzz and get more traffic coming in. Despite the obvious impact that proper lighting can bring, most exhibitors are ignoring it for the flashier alternatives of high-tech. Lighting can be used to direct the attention of attendees to specific items that you want them to see such as new products. In addition to illumination, you can use it to make your brand pop. For example, backlit graphics of your logo are always appealing and easy to notice and remember.  

  1. Use killer trade show exhibit graphics

When it comes to graphics, big and bold is the way to go. In the trade show exhibit space, there will be lots of graphics and colors that crave for the same attention as you. You will need to cut through the visual noise to stand out and create an impression. Usually, your graphics need to have the perfect combination of size, color, and imagery if you are to create a lasting impact. It is suggested that you use a larger-than-life scale to increase visibility and combine it with engaging imagery. Make good use of pop-up banners, and hanging signs that have your brand images. If you want the best impact, don’t be afraid to go wild in your design. Trade shows offer you the opportunity to be as creative as possible.

  1. Employ video presentations at your trade show exhibit

Video can be a powerful tool for creating effective exhibits at trade shows. We are accustomed to video everywhere we go. Using video in your booth can add the extra dimension to your display. Whether it is a promotional video or a pre-recorded company video, the impact is always positive. One way to maximize the use of video is to create a wall of monitors to broadcast your brand message and to promote new products. Video displays can help get your message across in an entertaining and succinct manner.

  1. Focus on engagement levels

There are many ways to increase the engagement levels of the audience in your booth. One way is through promotions and giveaways. In-booth contests are also an excellent way to keep the audience engaged and entertained. If you are in the food industry, giving away free samples at your trade show exhibit is the best way to increase participation levels. This inspires your attendees to stay for a little longer in the booth which gives your representatives ample time to talk with them.

  1. Use an unexpected approach

You can be as creative as possible in your trade show exhibit design by incorporating visual contrasts. Instead of using predictable graphics and displays, you can choose to represent a theme. You can choose to go green by using small trees and other forms of flora representation. Additionally, you can choose wood fabrics and furnishing to add a natural atmosphere in a technically different environment. This creates a unique warmth that attracts visitors to your booth because of your unique display ideas.

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