Creativity And Trade Show Exhibit Design

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Design. The very word means something different to many different people. For some, it means the pinnacle of creativity and the never-ending pursuit of the best way to create and to build the best solutions and the best products for any situation. For others, the term carries a negative connotation because it is seen as describing an overblown and superficial focus on aesthetics over functionality.


Floor-PlanSo, what is design? There is no one universally agreed upon definition to be sure, but there are certainly different ways of looking at the intersection of creativity, design and functionality in terms of looking at exhibit design.


The importance of creativity can not be overstated when talking about exhibit design. And yet, this doesn’t mean that trade show exhibits and displays should sacrifice functionality, cost or efficiency for greater aesthetic appeal. While a big part of exhibition design is creating an exhibit that is attractive and impressive to attendees, this should not be seen as the only outlet for creative exhibit design.


Rather, creativity in exhibition design also means that the same care should be taken to be innovative in terms of the ease of use of a particular design and also in achieving goals in exhibit design while staying within the necessary budget. These types of constraints are what really allow the most creative exhibit design to shine.


Operating with an infinite budget and no constraints to speak of may provide impressive exhibit design, but it doesn’t allow a design company to show off its most creative means. We shouldn’t forget that design is not just about making something impressive, it’s about making something that fits the application and the client perfectly.


Blazer Exhibits & Events always strives to leverage our team of creative designers in order to not only produce an impressive-looking exhibit design, but to design in a way that fits perfectly what a client and company needs for a particular application. At Blazer, we’re experts at working within constraints to bring out the innovation that saves you money and provides the best physical representation of your brand at your next trade show or event.

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